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The Universal Peace Federation is guided by a vision of humanity as one global family under God,living in accordance with universal principles. As instructed by the teachings of all the great religions, we all derive our existence from a common origin and we all share a common purpose and destiny. We affirm these core values:

The essential characteristics of God-centeredness are absolute faith, love and obedience. These are not only the characteristics of a God-centered person but fundamental attributes of the divine character. A Godcentered person is one who understands God as the ultimate reality and guiding force in the universe and who lives for the sake of others.

Peace has its foundation in the family, the cornerstone of peace. Through family, we not only reproduce the human species but also generate the human spirit, our character and our culture. The family has its foundation in the stability of sexual order, which entails purity before marriage and fidelity in marriage.

Harmony and Cooperation Beyond Boundaries
The Universal Peace Federation encourages all efforts to overcome human barriers such as race, religion, politics and ethnicity and works to build bridges of reconciliation, cooperation and peace.

Human Responsibility
The realization of peace requires principled, human effort. Peace does not emerge automatically. Each human being must take responsibility to initiate their own personal, spiritual and moral transformation and contribute to the well-being of others.

Living for the Sake of Others
The essence of good character is true love, an unselfish heart of love for others that translates into unselfish action, living for the sake of others. Living for the sake of others is not the teaching of any particular religion but can be found in the essential teachings of all religions.

Cooperative Give and Take Action
The universe is relational in nature. Give and take action leads to peace when the action is guided by the principle of living for the sake of others. Lasting human development has its foundation in unselfish give and take action. Conflict, abuse and corruption have their foundation in selfish give and take action.

All things are created to co-exist in harmonious, cooperative and mutually fulfilling partnership. No entity’s purpose is to exist in isolation as an individual. Successful partnership has its foundation in unselfish give and take action.

Spiritual Reality
In addition to the observable physical world we experience, there is also a spiritual world, a spiritual reality that exists as well. Each human being has an eternal spirit that exists in an eternal spiritual world after the death of the physical body. Spiritual principles are to be practiced on earth so that we are prepared for life in the spiritual world.










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