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Historical Foundations

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The Peace Federation builds on the foundation established over decades through a wide range of organizations and programs founded by Dr. Sun Myung Moon, including the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (known as the Unification Church), established in 1954, and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, established in 1996. More recently, in 1999, Dr. Moon founded the IIFWP as an organization dedicated to developing new models of governance, guided by representatives of religions and governments in a respectful, cooperative partnership for the sake of peace. The IIFWP has promoted many initiatives, including one aimed at renewal of the United Nations, recommending that the United Nations create an interreligious council within its system.

Based on IIFWP’s foundation, Dr. Moon launched the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) in October of 2003. The IIPC promotes an ideal of good governance that integrates the contributions of religion, governments and non-governmental organizations in the pursuit of peace. IIPC programs are carried out by a global network of Ambassadors for Peace who have formed Peace Councils on the Global, Regional, National and Local levels.

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