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International Relief Friendship Foundation: Promoting a Culture of Peace - Moldova
Veronica Sarbu, A.F. International Relief Friendship Foundation ONLUS
Moldova, Jan 07, 2008

Religious Youth Service: Bridging Religious and Cultural Differences
Daniel Bessell, Religious Youth Service
Netherlands, Jan 07, 2008

Peru: Earthquake Recovery
Trevor Jones, Executive Director, UPF-Peru
Peru, Jan 07, 2008

Ambassador for Peace, Mr. Komlan Mally -- Prime Minister of Togo
Togo, Dec 27, 2007

Ambassadors for Peace Initative in Nigeria
Nigeria, Dec 04, 2007

Before Heaven and Earth, the Only Solution is a Just Peace
Dr. Hamdi Murad, Jordanian Interfaith Co-existence Research Center
Jordan, Nov 27, 2007

Promoting Interreligious Understanding
Dr. Shuki Ben-Ami, Theologian and Author, Israel
Israel, Nov 26, 2007

The Challenges of "Tikkun Olam"
Dr. Andrew Wilson, Academic Dean, UTS Interfaith Seminary
United States, Nov 27, 2007

Radio Show: Negotiation Processes in the Middle East
Ernie Tannis, Ambassador for Peace
Canada, Nov 21, 2007

New Ambassadors for Peace in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan, Oct 23, 2007

Remarks On The Assembly 2007
H.E Chief (Dr) Ernest Shonekan GCFR, CBE, Former President, Federal Republic of Nigeria
United States, Oct 23, 2007

Young Peacemakers Realizing the Dream in Malaysia
Malaysia Chapter
Malaysia, Oct 17, 2007

Governor of Chennai Attends UPF Program
Dr. Robert Kittel, Secretary General, UPF South Asia
India, Sep 17, 2007

Ambassadors in Japan and Japanese Diplomats for Global Peace
Shigenari Kato, Director of Public Relations, UPF-Japan
Japan, Sep 06, 2007

Japanese Peace Ambassadors Visit Liberian President
The Analyst
Liberia, Aug 17, 2007

In Memoriam: Professor Tor Ragnar Gerholm
Sweden, Aug 09, 2007

Seminar for Traditional Leaders from Pohnpei and Palau
Michael Treacy
Micronesia, May 07, 2006

German Peace Council to Serve as National Think Tank
Fritz Piepenburg
United States, May 29, 2007

Ambassadors for Peace Assemble in Paris
France, Mar 31, 2007

Peace group heads urge world action to end Mideast strife
Middle East Times
Israel, Jul 02, 2007

Ambassadors of Peace Honored in Taipei
Max Hirsch, Taipei Times
Taiwan, Jul 29, 2007

Promoting the Vision of Interreligious Peace in Pakistan
Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, President, UPF-Pakistan
Pakistan, May 08, 2007

Where Does Peace Begin? AFP Seminar Held in Korea
Michael Balcomb, UPF-International
Korea, Apr 06, 2007

Working for a Responsible Media
Oscar E. V. Fernando, Ambassador for Peace
Sri Lanka, Mar 30, 2007

UPF Introduced in the Guinea-Bissau Parliament
Guinea Bissau, Mar 30, 2007

Character Education in Japan
Japan, Jan 26, 2007

Character Education in Seminar in Sumatra
UPF Indonesia
Indonesia, Dec 07, 2006

Honduras Ambassadors for Peace Come Together to Help Children
Mario Salinas, UPF-Honduras
Honduras, Dec 17, 2006

The Five Universal Principles of Peacebuilding [in French]
France, Dec 27, 2006

Holiday Messages from the World's Faiths
United States, Dec 25, 2006

Freedom House - Georgetown University Conference on North Korea
United States, Dec 01, 2006

A Peace Forum with a Difference
Gail Paine, UPF-USA
United States, Nov 17, 2006

Innovative Building of an Interfaith Community
Gail Paine, UPF-USA
United States, Nov 17, 2006

European UPF Hosts Peace Seminar in Spain
Armando Lozano
Spain, Oct 08, 2006

Linking Character Education with Human Rights
Dr. Muhammad Habib Chirzin, President, Islamic Forum for Peace and Development, Millennium Commissioner, Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights
Indonesia, Sep 29, 2006

New Peace Ambassadors in Seychelles
The Seychelles Nation Online
Seychelles, Sep 26, 2006

"Halelu" Peace Cantata Presented to Ami Israel
David Eaton, Ambassador For Peace, and Music Director of the New York City Symphony
United States, Sep 15, 2006

Ambassadors for Peace Observe International Day of Peace
Carolyn Handschin, Co-director Office for United Nations Relations - Geneva
Switzerland, Sep 21, 2006

Wife of former Brazilian governor appointed Ambassador for Peace
Rev. Christian Lepelletier, UPF-Brazil
Brazil, Sep 14, 2006

Why Did Pyongyang Break its Moratorium on Missile Launches?
Dr. C. Kenneth Quinones, Professor of Korean Studies, Akita International University
Japan, Jul 06, 2006

"HALELU", a Cantata for Peace Is Recorded in Israel
David Eaton
Israel, Jul 25, 2006

MEPI Leaders Seek Solutions to Middle East Crisis
United States, Jul 19, 2006

United Nations Ambassadors For Peace
United States, Jul 06, 2006

Ambassador for Peace Keeps His Promise
Honduras, Jun 12, 2006

The Journey of an Ambassador for Peace: Building Bridges to Africa
Jackie Kakembo
United States, Jun 01, 2006

Peace awards presented in Nepal (external site)
The Rising Nepal
Nepal, May 16, 2006

United Nations Mission in Liberia Supports National Peace Council
Adapted from "The Analyst" Newspaper
Liberia, May 19, 2006

State Officials Attend Ambassadors For Peace Seminars in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi
Democratic Republic of the Congo, May 04, 2006

Islam atop RI-UK agenda
The Jakarta Post (
Indonesia, Mar 30, 2006

Ambassadors for Peace: Leadership Seminar - Kenya March 2006
Frederick Wakhisi, UPF-Kenya Secretary General
Kenya, Mar 04, 2006

A Senior Statesman [Stabroek News] (external site)
Haji Roshan Khan, Ambassador For Peace
Guyana, Feb 27, 2006

God Has Spoken [American Chronicle] (external site)
Professor Alon Ben-Meir
United States, Feb 21, 2006

President Sirleaf Wants To Mediate In Ivorian Crisis
African News Dimension, Patrick Wrokpoh
Liberia, Feb 09, 2006

Madam Brownell Appointed IIFWP Peace Ambassador [The Analyst] (external site)
The Analyst Newspaper
Liberia, Feb 13, 2005

World Assembly of the Universal Peace Federation calls for media respect for all religions
Korea, Feb 05, 2006

Youth Mission Promote Peace
CHARLES KADAMANA, Solomon Star Newspaper
Solomon Islands, Jun 28, 2005

IIFWP-Cameroon Appoints New Ambassadors For Peace
Lau Asong, IIFWP-Cameroon
Cameroon, Feb 23, 2005

IIFWP Peru Commemorates "Prayers for Peace"
Trevor Jones
Peru, Dec 26, 2004

April 2005 Activities Report ? Kenya
Fredrick Wakhisi, IIFWP-Kenya
Kenya, May 06, 2005

President Mancham of Seychelles to participate at Qatari-American Conference on Free Markets and Democracy
United States, Mar 22, 2005

Ambassador for Peace from Pakistan speaks to Muslims across USA
Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, Ph.D., President, IIFWP Pakistan Chapter

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