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Peace-Building in the Interior of Cote dIvoire
Cote d`Ivoire, Jan 10, 2008

Ambassador for Peace, Mr. Komlan Mally -- Prime Minister of Togo
Togo, Dec 27, 2007

Ambassadors for Peace Initative in Nigeria
Nigeria, Dec 04, 2007

Seminar for Sierra Leone Parliamentarians
John D.S. Samura, UPF-Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone, Dec 04, 2007

Global Peace Festival in Benin
Paterne Sosie Lin Zinsou
Benin, Nov 09, 2007

UPF Delegation Visits Gambia
Nfamara Jawneh, The Point Newspaper
Gambia, Sep 25, 2007

"Owning the Culture of Heart, Peace and Service" in Zambia
Mr. Mikio Yoshida
Zambia, Aug 22, 2007

Japanese Peace Ambassadors Visit Liberian President
The Analyst
Liberia, Aug 17, 2007

National Peace Council Established in Benin
Benin, Jul 07, 2007

Religious Tolerance and Peace Are Crucial to Development
Tefera Teklu, Student at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Ethiopia, Jul 05, 2007

UPF Introduced in the Guinea-Bissau Parliament
Guinea Bissau, Mar 30, 2007

Character Education Impacts Kenya Students
Arthur Jak'Oyange
Kenya, Mar 30, 2007

New Peace Ambassadors in Seychelles
The Seychelles Nation Online
Seychelles, Sep 26, 2006

Discovering True Friends on an IRFF Project in Zambia
Paul Byrne
Zambia, Aug 26, 2006

Nimba County Peace Council Launched in Liberia
Rev. Augustine Arkoi
Liberia, Jul 31, 2006

Special Continental Seminar for African Leaders
Benin, Jun 09, 2006

Leadership and Good Governance Award Presented to President Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi
Burundi, May 24, 2006

United Nations Mission in Liberia Supports National Peace Council
Adapted from "The Analyst" Newspaper
Liberia, May 19, 2006

Cameroon Hosts Seminar on Universal Principles
Cameroon, May 18, 2006

State Officials Attend Ambassadors For Peace Seminars in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi
Democratic Republic of the Congo, May 04, 2006

Ethiopia 5 City Initiative
Ethiopia, Apr 15, 2006

The International Leadership Conference in Liberia and the Peace Council
Liberia, Apr 06, 2006

UPF Peace Ambassadors Converge In Abidjan
The Analyst Newspaper
Cote d`Ivoire, Mar 16, 2006

UPF Urged To Assist TRC (The Analyst Newspaper)
The Analyst Newspaper
Liberia, Mar 06, 2006

Ambassadors for Peace: Leadership Seminar - Kenya March 2006
Frederick Wakhisi, UPF-Kenya Secretary General
Kenya, Mar 04, 2006

Reconciliation and Peace Conference: Reflections
Rev. John Gehring, RYS / IPSF Director
Liberia, Feb 11, 2006

President Sirleaf Wants To Mediate In Ivorian Crisis
African News Dimension, Patrick Wrokpoh
Liberia, Feb 09, 2006

IIFWPL Ends Peace Consultative Forum [The Analyst] (external link)
The Analyst Newspaper
Liberia, Jan 18, 2006

Address of Sir James R. Mancham, KBE ? PhD. Delivered at the Congress of the Maldivian Democratic Party
Sir James R. Mancham, Seychelles Founding President
Maldives, Dec 21, 2005

Reconciliation drive gets further boost - The Seychelles Nation (external link)
The Seychelles Nation
Seychelles, Dec 14, 2005

Mancham invited to partake in search for solutions to Balkans conflict (external link)
Seychelles Nation Online
Seychelles, Oct 15, 2005

Innovative Approaches to Good Governance and Human Development
Simon Kingori
Kenya, Jun 24, 2005

Kenya Activities Report May 2005
Fredrick Wakhisi, IIFWP Kenya
Kenya, Jun 06, 2005

April 2005 Activities Report ? Kenya
Fredrick Wakhisi, IIFWP-Kenya
Kenya, May 06, 2005

Reports from South Africa, April 2005
Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi
South Africa, May 05, 2005

Planned RYS Projects in Nigeria for 2005
Noris Nwansi, RYS Representative, Nigeria
Nigeria, Apr 24, 2005

Report of Ambassador for Peace Award Ceremony, Yaounde, Cameroon
Mike Lamson
Cameroon, Mar 26, 2005

World Women's Day Report in Kenyatta University, Kenya
Mr. Frederick Wakhisi, Regional Secretary-General, IIFWP Africa
Kenya, Mar 15, 2005

IIFWP Launched in Freetown
By Rev. John D. S. Samura, National Secretary General, IIFWP
Sierra Leone, Mar 12, 2005

IIFWP-Cameroon Appoints New Ambassadors For Peace
Lau Asong, IIFWP-Cameroon
Cameroon, Feb 23, 2005

Liberia's President Sirleaf Commends UPF/IIFWP For Confab [The Analyst Newspaper] (external link)
The Analyst Newspaper
Liberia, Feb 16, 2005

Madam Brownell Appointed IIFWP Peace Ambassador [The Analyst] (external link)
The Analyst Newspaper
Liberia, Feb 13, 2005

Report From Benin March 2005
Benin, Feb 08, 2005

The Liberia Analyst Corporation writes article on IIFWP Convocation in Kenya
Liberia, Oct 25, 2004

The Health of a Nation is the Wealth of the Nation
Dr. George M. Ogurie, Secretary General, IIFWP-Nigeria
Nigeria, Sep 24, 2004

The Liberia Analyst Corporation writes article on IIFWP / IIPC Pilgrimage to Israel
Liberia, Sep 23, 2004

Report on the 3rd International Gospel & Roots Festival in Cotonou, Benin Republic
Kevin Winter
Benin, Aug 08, 2004

Expanding Activities to Congo's Provinces
Rev. Futiladi Mayeko
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jul 16, 2004

Youth March and Rally in Polokwane, South Africa
Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi
South Africa, Jul 03, 2004

Seminar in Cameroon Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
Lau Asona
Cameroon, Jun 25, 2004

Presentations on Peace, Character Education, and HIV/AIDS in South Africa
Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi
South Africa, Jun 23, 2004

Youth Rally against AIDS in Johannesburg
Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi
South Africa, Jun 16, 2004

Women's Federation for World Peace in DRC
Mrs. Marie-jeanne Balungila
Democratic Republic of the Congo, May 31, 2004

Seminar on Character Education and AIDS Prevention in Zambia
Adamson Musonda & Nicholas Chisha
Zambia, May 19, 2004

Report from Benin
Benin, May 17, 2004

January Activities in Angola
Kinambuta Sambu Pedro
Angola, Apr 18, 2004

DRC Seminar on "Living for the Sake of Others"
Rev. Futiladi Mayeko
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Apr 03, 2004

Religious Youth Service Project in Ghana
Norris Nwansi
Ghana, Mar 18, 2004

Women?s Federation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ms. Marie Jeanne Balungila, WFWP-DR, Secretary General
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jun 15, 2003

NIGERIA 2003: Building a Culture of Peaceful Elections
George M. Ogurie, IIFWP-Nigeria, Secretary-General
Nigeria, Apr 03, 2003

Women?s Federation for World Peace-Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Look Back At The Year 2002
Mrs. Marie Jeanne Balungila, Secretary-General of WFWP-DRC
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jan 15, 2003

IIFWP South Africa Chapter
Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi
South Africa, Nov 27, 2002

Youth Character Development and the Spread of HIV/AIDS
George M. Ogurie
Nigeria, Dec 18, 2001

Australian Peace Ambassador Takes Initiative in Egypt
Greg Stone

March is Women's History Month
Ms. Fatuma Ndangiza

IIFWP Activities in Cameroon
Marceline Khonde



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