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Minister for Foreign Affairs - Nepal, Stresses Just use of State Resources
The Rising Nepal
Nepal, Jan 17, 2008

Nepal: Peace Depends on Us
Hon. Sahana Pradhan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nepal
Nepal, Jan 17, 2008

New Level of Cooperation in Nepal
Dr. Robert Kittel, Director of Peace Education, UPF-Asia
Nepal, Jan 16, 2008

Responding to the unrest in Sri Lanka
RYS-Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, Jan 10, 2008

President of UPF Global Peace Council Addresses 8th International Conference of the Chief Justices of the World
India, Dec 18, 2007

Sixth South Asia Peace Initiative (SAPI) Program
Dr. Robert Kittel
Nepal, Dec 02, 2007

Japan: U.N. reform a must, says former U.N. official
Hiroshi Yamazaki, UPI Correspondent
Japan, Nov 30, 2007

Young Peacemakers Realizing the Dream in Malaysia
Malaysia Chapter
Malaysia, Oct 17, 2007

In Honor of Laxmi Mall Singhvi
Dr. Nandlal Jotwani, Ambassador for Peace
India, Oct 08, 2007

The Global Festival of Films on Peace and Spirituality
India, Sep 27, 2007

Governor of Chennai Attends UPF Program
Dr. Robert Kittel, Secretary General, UPF South Asia
India, Sep 17, 2007

Ambassadors in Japan and Japanese Diplomats for Global Peace
Shigenari Kato, Director of Public Relations, UPF-Japan
Japan, Sep 06, 2007

"Discover True Friendship" Service Tour in Bangladesh
Tetsuya Amano, Director General of IRFF-Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Aug 23, 2007

"Discover True Friendship" Service Tour: Bangladesh - Part 2
Paul Byrne, IRFF Assistant International Executive Director
Bangladesh, Aug 23, 2007

Sri Lankan Government Teams up with the Universal Peace Federation to Discuss Issues of Good Governance
Dr. Robert Kittel, UPF-India and Joy Pople, UPF-International
Sri Lanka, Aug 07, 2007

Ambassadors of Peace Honored in Taipei
Max Hirsch, Taipei Times
Taiwan, Jul 29, 2007

Two-Day Educators' Workshop in Philippines
Philippines, Jul 05, 2007

Japanese Delegates Gain Insights and Hope through the ILC
Shunsuke Uotani, UPF-Japan
Japan, Jul 05, 2007

Facilitating Dialogue among Muslims from the UK and Indonesia
Dr. Habib Chirzin
Indonesia, Jul 02, 2007

Promoting the Vision of Interreligious Peace in Pakistan
Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, President, UPF-Pakistan
Pakistan, May 08, 2007

Governor Stresses Need for Inter-faith Dialogue
The Navhind Times
India, Apr 29, 2007

Strengthening the United Nations through an Inter-Religious Council
Dr. Robert Kittel, UPF-India
India, Apr 27, 2007

Working for a Responsible Media
Oscar E. V. Fernando, Ambassador for Peace
Sri Lanka, Mar 30, 2007

UPF-Nepal Launches ?The Universal Times?
Dr. Robert S. Kittel
Nepal, Feb 05, 2007

Character Education in Japan
Japan, Jan 26, 2007

Building A Children's Playground in Thailand
Delia Javanasundara, Project Director
Thailand, Dec 28, 2006

RYS Builds School Classroom in Cambodia
Delia Javanasundara, Project Director
Cambodia, Dec 28, 2006

Peace and Stability in Northeast Asia: The Korean Question and the Role of the United States
Dr. Mark Barry, UPF Director of Research and Special Projects
Japan, Dec 09, 2006

North Korea Turns Attention to Economy
Lee Jong-Heon, United Press International
Korea, Dec 07, 2006

Character Education in Seminar in Sumatra
UPF Indonesia
Indonesia, Dec 07, 2006

Nepal-India 1950 Treaty May be Renegotiated
The Rising Nepal
Nepal, Dec 06, 2006

Hope afloat for North Korea Talks
Lee Jong-Heon, United Press International
Korea, Nov 21, 2006

American Soccer Team Wins Peace Queen Cup
John Haydon, The Washington Times
Korea, Nov 05, 2006

U.S. Women Defeat Canada, 1-0, To Win 2006 Peace Queen Cup
Korea, Nov 04, 2006

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Visits Demilitarized Zone and Military Demarcation Line
Korea, Oct 26, 2006

Polite North Koreans Regret Withdrawal From Women?s Soccer Tournament
World Peace Herald
Korea, Oct 17, 2006

Northeast Asia Peace Initiative: Study on the Issue of the Korean Peninsula
Park Myeong-Seo, President, Kyonggi Institute for Peace Problem of Northeast Asia, Doctor of Political Science
Korea, Oct 15, 2006

Forgive, Love, Unite
Dr. Robert S. Kittel, UPF-India
Nepal, Oct 15, 2006

Linking Character Education with Human Rights
Dr. Muhammad Habib Chirzin, President, Islamic Forum for Peace and Development, Millennium Commissioner, Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights
Indonesia, Sep 29, 2006

UPF & RYS Commemorates International Day of Peace
Shine Jose
India, Sep 21, 2006

The legacy of long-gone states
Andrei Lankov, The Asia Times Online
People's Republic of China, Sep 16, 2006

UPF Partners with the YMCA to Promote Family Values & Address HIV/AIDS
Dr. Robert S. Kittel, UPF-India
India, Sep 10, 2006

Inter-racial Harmony through Service, Sports and Music
Oscar E V Fernando, Asian Tribune
Sri Lanka, Sep 07, 2006

Sri Lanka, gets an Inter-Cultural Peace Sports Centre
Dr. Chula Senaratne, IPSF
Sri Lanka, Aug 09, 2006

Follow-up Responses to UPF Seminar in India
Ursula McLackland, UPF-India
India, Jul 20, 2006

Why Did Pyongyang Break its Moratorium on Missile Launches?
Dr. C. Kenneth Quinones, Professor of Korean Studies, Akita International University
Japan, Jul 06, 2006

Seminar on Family Values and AIDS Prevention
India, Jul 02, 2006

President Karzai Is Awarded the Medal of Leadership and Good Governance
Afghanistan, Jun 24, 2006

Asia-Pacific Island Nations Summit II
Sonia Faleiro
Taiwan, Jun 22, 2006

Learning Through Experience in Malaysia
The Star Online
Malaysia, Jun 21, 2006

Bill Clinton Pushes 'Peace Park' at Korean Demilitarized Zone
Amanda B. Carpenter, Human Events Online
United States, Jun 03, 2006

Their Holiness Rev. And Mrs. Moon And Ideal Of Peace
Ek Nath Dhakal, The Rising Nepal
Nepal, Jun 02, 2006

UPF/IIFWP Announces Help for Indonesian Earthquake Victims
United States, Jun 01, 2006

RYS Service Projects in Malaysia
RYS Correspondent
Malaysia, May 30, 2006

Cultivating the Heart of Reconciliation: Could the reunification of Korea begin in Japan?
Kim Young-il
Japan, May 17, 2006

Peace awards presented in Nepal (external link)
The Rising Nepal
Nepal, May 16, 2006

Interview with Dr. Robert Kittel about Peace Education
Mr. B. N. Sharma, Founder-Director of CPS Higher Secondary School, Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal
Nepal, May 02, 2006

Former Prime Minister of Nepal and Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University Receive Leadership and Good Governance Award
Nepal, Apr 06, 2006

Interreligious Youth Service: Building Character and Religious Harmony at the Same Time
Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Director Peace Education
India, Apr 03, 2006

Educational focus in Sri Lanka
Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Director of Peace Education
Sri Lanka, Apr 03, 2006

Islam atop RI-UK agenda
The Jakarta Post (
Indonesia, Mar 30, 2006

UPF meeting in Russia
Russia, Mar 30, 2006

Philippine Headline News Online
Philippines, Jan 26, 2006

UPF Perspectives: Unity of Religions and Global Peace
Zia-ul-Haque, Secretary General Pakistan
Pakistan, Jan 06, 2006

The Universal Peace Federation: Its relevance to Sri Lanka
Asian Tribune
Sri Lanka, Dec 30, 2005

South Asian Conflicts, the Non-violent Option - Recommendations and Photo Report
Nepal, Nov 12, 2005

Religious Youth Service Commemorates International Day of Peace in Sri Lanka
Chula Senaratne ? RYS Correspondent
Sri Lanka, Oct 06, 2005

South Asia Regional Project ?Youth For Peace?
Religious Youth Service - India
India, Sep 30, 2005

International Day of peace ? Bangkok, Thailand
Delia Javanasundara, IIFWP-Thailand
Thailand, Sep 25, 2005

Mussie Hailu, IIFWP representative in Africa elected Chair and Vice-Chair of the Global Council of the URI
Charles Gibbs, URI
Korea, Aug 26, 2005

Former Seychelles President James R. Mancham Honored at the Kazakh National Technical University
Department of Information of the Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kazakhstan, Jul 08, 2005

Indian National Leadership Seminar Our Common Legacy of Faith, Family and Peace
Dr. Robert S. Kittel, IIFWP Director of Peace Education and Mrs. Ursula McLackland, IIFWP-India Secretary General
India, May 14, 2005

The Goa Resolution: Shri Shri Shri Sadguru Parwadeshwar Maharaj ?All Religions Seminar for World Peace? 2005
Convened by: Shri Shri Shri Sadguru Parwadeshwar Maharaj
India, Mar 20, 2005

Religious Reconciliation in South Asia
Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Director of Peace Education - IIFWP
India, Mar 20, 2005

Rival Ethnic Koreans in Japan Reconcile
United Press International
Korea, Nov 08, 2004

IIFWP Seminar on Significance of Fasting
Tetsuya Amano, Sub-Executive Director of IIFWP-Bangladesh
Bangladesh, Oct 29, 2004

A Statement on The International Peace Conference for Mongolian Peoples Around the World
Korea, Sep 25, 2004

IPSF 2004, Korea
Shine Jose
India, Aug 30, 2004

Christian-Muslim Dialogue in Bangladesh
Tetsuya Amano
Bangladesh, Jul 27, 2004

Learning from the Lingayat Tradition in India
Amala McLackland
India, Jun 28, 2004

IIFWP Pakistan Chapter Reports
Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, President IIFWP Pakistan
Pakistan, May 23, 2004

Reflection about Religious Youth Service in Sri Lanka
Charlotte Chie, Miss University 2003
Sri Lanka, Apr 24, 2004

Religious Youth Service and Peace-Building Initiatives in Sri Lanka
Ravi Galhena
Sri Lanka, Apr 24, 2004

Ceremony for Religious Reconciliation in India
Amala McLackland
India, Apr 18, 2004

Seoul Summit January 25-29, 2004
Russia, Jan 29, 2004

IIPC-Nepal Proposal Teaching Universal Values to Address Maoist Resurgence
Nepal, Nov 10, 2003

VIP Educator's Seminar: South Asia
India, Nov 07, 2003

IIFWP and Council of Affiliated Organizations Asia Region Report
Roshan D?Souza
United States, Apr 21, 2003

Leading Muslim Scholar and Ayatollah, Justice (R) Hassan Raza Ghadeeri Appreciate the Role of IIFWP in Global Peace and Religious Harmony
Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, Ph.D, IIFWP-Pakistan President
Pakistan, Apr 14, 2003

Universal Peace and the Global Significance of Religion
Zulfiqar A. Kazmi, Ph.D, IIFWP-Pakistan President
Pakistan, Mar 29, 2003

One Step At A Time
Peeter Saarna
Myanmar, Mar 13, 2003

Clerics engage in talks on interfaith tolerance
Jason Pan
Taiwan, Dec 23, 2002

Tribute to the Late Grand Ayatollah Shirazi
Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi



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