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April 2005 Report from Eurasia
Mr. Jack Corley, IIFWP-Eurasia Secretary General
May 7, 2005

IIFWP Convocation in Washington D.C. ? April 10-15, 2005

During the month of April we were focused on preparing and sending participants to an IIFWP International Leadership Convocation in Washington, D.C. Three of the seven participating countries - China,
Russia and Mongolia - invited 109 participants with Russia bringing 40
participants; Mongolia, 39; and China, 30.

The response of our participants was very positive. Several were asked to be a representative speaker at various times during the program and all were extremely positive in their remarks. At the Closing Banquet held at The Washington Times building, Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky from Russia addressed True Parents directly and expressed his gratitude for all they had received and his determination to continue his work as an Ambassador for Peace.

IIFWP Monthly meeting in Moscow

On April 29th an IIFWP monthly meeting was held in the Russia hotel in central Moscow to follow up with the Washington convocation. A total of 30 people came, most of them being the ones who had participated in the Washington program. We distributed a Russian language version speech that was given by the Founder in Washington, DC on March 13th. Many of them testified about their very positive impression of Rev. Moon and the foundation which he built. For some of them the experience fundamentally changed their understanding of True Parents. Each person received information about our workshop program in Moscow region giving them the opportunity to study the founding principles of the IIFWP.

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