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New Ambassadors for Peace in Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan
October 23, 2007

UPFAzerbaijan recently concluded a successful meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, on October 11, 2007, the last day of Ramadan. The event, which included a dinner for 200 participants, was sponsored and guided by Ambassador for Peace Dr Akif Kerimov, the President of "Kur Xazar." He had invited his friends to receive diplomas of Peace Ambassador. As it was the last day of Ramadan, he also invited everyone to eat Holy Food in order to conclude the fast.

The meeting was co-sponsored by UPF-Azerbaijan and the charity group "Kur- Xazar". Two thirds of the participants were women group leaders from the Women's Association of Azerbaijan, an organization that counts 75,000 members. Others were university professors, businessmen, etc.

The Audience

Dr. Akif Kerimov (Right) with Dr. Elmira Suleymanoa, current Minister for Human Rights

Among the important personalities attending the meeting were the Minister for Human Rights; three congressmen from the governmental party; the Secretary of the Presidential House; the Vice President of a public TV company; two well-known singers, and a representative of the Georgian Embassy also attended the event. Twenty-seven of these VIPs were appointed Ambassadors for Peace.

Four TV channels (out of only five in Azerbaijan) came to report, and the meeting was featured for over one minute in the national news that day. One channel showed it for two days in a row!

The keynote speaker was former Prime Minister Mr Ragim Huseynov, who gave a 40 minute report about the UPF Assembly that he had recently attended in New York. Mr Huseynov already began to form a group of congressmen in support of the work of UPF.

"All our guests had a very good time, and they expressed their interest in the work of UPF," said Dr Akif Kerimov. "We look forward to great developments here in the near future."

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