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Young Italians Connect with Israeli and Palestinian Youth
Hod Ben Zvi, Secretary General, UPF-Israel
Israel, Jan 14, 2008

Religious Youth Service: Bridging Religious and Cultural Differences
Daniel Bessell, Religious Youth Service
Netherlands, Jan 07, 2008

Brussels Peace Declaration on Religious Coexistence
Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum , Director, Institute of Peace and Development
Belgium, Dec 23, 2007

Global Peace Festival in Germany
Christopher Davies, UPF-The Netherlands
Germany, Sep 18, 2007

UPF Secretary General Speaks at UNESCO
Dr. Thomas Walsh, UPF Secretary General
France, Sep 05, 2007

In Memoriam: Professor Tor Ragnar Gerholm
Sweden, Aug 09, 2007

Members Elected to National Peace Council in Albania
Albania, Jul 02, 2007

German Peace Council to Serve as National Think Tank
Fritz Piepenburg
United States, May 29, 2007

Promoting interreligious wisdom in the British House of Lords
United Kingdom, May 22, 2007

Europeans Seek Harmony in the Human Family
Christopher Davies, UPF-Netherlands
Netherlands, May 08, 2007

German Court Rules that Ban on Rev. Moon's Entry is Illegal
Germany, May 08, 2007

Chinese Culture ? At the beginning there was Confucius
Austria, Apr 24, 2007

Bering Strait Tunnel Moving Forward
Russia, Apr 18, 2007

Peace Delegation Visits Korean War Veterans in Belgium
Frank LaGrotteria, Assistant Secretary General UPF-International
Belgium, Apr 07, 2007

Ambassadors for Peace Assemble in Paris
France, Mar 31, 2007

UPF-Netherlands supports Conference on future of Vietnamese in the Netherlands
Christopher Davies, UPF-Netherlands
Netherlands, Dec 30, 2006

The Five Universal Principles of Peacebuilding [in French]
France, Dec 27, 2006

Promoting the Reconciliation Process in Kosovo
Albania, Dec 16, 2006

Belgium Grants Rev. Moon Entry Visa
Belgium, Dec 13, 2006

Look Forward, Not Back
Christopher Davies
Netherlands, Dec 02, 2006

Netherlands Conference Addresses Interreligious Issues
Christopher Davies, UPF-Netherlands
Netherlands, Nov 11, 2006

German Federal Constitutional Court Overturns 11-Year Ban Against UPF Founder
James Flynn, UPF-USA
United States, Nov 10, 2006

Constitutional Court of Germany Press Release
Constitutional Court of Germany, Press Release
Germany, Nov 09, 2006

Slovenian Teachers Study Character Education
Sun Woo
Slovenia, Nov 04, 2006

European UPF Hosts Peace Seminar in Spain
Armando Lozano
Spain, Oct 08, 2006

Dutch Rally Supports Imprisoned Child
Christopher Davies
Netherlands, Oct 03, 2006

Building Bridges between Austria and Palestine
Peter Haider, UPF-Austria
Austria, Jul 16, 2006

European Ambassadors For Peace Meet to Discuss Future
Netherlands, Jun 23, 2006

Mancham attends first meeting of World Future Council
Switzerland, May 04, 2006

Interreligious Cooperation & Solutions to Causes of Conflict
Christopher Davies, UPF-Netherlands
Netherlands, May 02, 2006

Change Is Inevitable in the Seychelles - An Interview with Sir James Mancham
The Week-end
France, Apr 16, 2006

Report on Netherlands Good Governance, Interreligious Cooperation and World Peace
Christopher Davies, UPF-Netherlands
Netherlands, Mar 31, 2006

From 9/11 to the Iraq War - A Leading American Muslim Calls for Dialogue
Peter Haider ? IIFWP Austria
Austria, Nov 08, 2005

Concluding Remarks: National and Inter-ethnic Reconciliation and Religious Tolerance in the Western Balkans
Mr. Takehiro Togo, President of the ECPD Academic Council
Serbia and Montenegro, Oct 29, 2005

Announcement: Netherlands Conference "Good Governance, Interreligious Cooperation and World Peace"
Christopher Davies, UPF-Netherlands
Netherlands, Mar 31, 2005

New Chance for Peace in the Middle East ? Crown of Peace ceremony in Berlin, Germany
Fritz Piepenburg, Secretary General IIFWP-Germany
Germany, Dec 04, 2004

Communicating Heart to Heart ? Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East
Fritz Piepenburg, IIFWP-Europe Secretary General
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

New Ambassadors for Peace Appointed in Slovenia
Massimo Trombin
Slovenia, Aug 22, 2004

Interreligious and International Peace Council: Inaugural Assembly in Austria
Peter Haider, Secretary General IIFWP-Austria
Austria, Jun 18, 2004

Seminar in Germany on Roads to Peace without Violence
Fritz Piepenburg, Secretary General IIFWP-Germany
Germany, Jun 04, 2004

The Interreligious and International Peace Council in Europe: Foundation and First Consultation
Fritz Piepenburg, Secretary General - IIFWP Europe
Switzerland, Dec 16, 2003

IRFF-Europe Projects
Dr. Massimo Trombin



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