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For more information about UPF in North America,
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UPF Statement on Annapolis Peace Talks
United States, Nov 27, 2007

The Challenges of "Tikkun Olam"
Dr. Andrew Wilson, Academic Dean, UTS Interfaith Seminary
United States, Nov 27, 2007

Radio Show: Negotiation Processes in the Middle East
Ernie Tannis, Ambassador for Peace
Canada, Nov 21, 2007

Volunteers Needed to Help People after California Fires
Richard Sapp, International Relief Friendship Foundation
United States, Nov 01, 2007

UPF-USA Celebrates the International Day of Peace
United States, Oct 03, 2007

Students from Five Religions Study Interfaith Leadership
Chris Antal, Interfaith Chaplain, Unification Theological Seminary
United States, Jun 27, 2007

Parenting for Peace: Fostering Character Through Story
June Saunders
United States, May 04, 2007

Are normal relations with North Korea now possible?
Dr. Mark P. Barry
United States, Mar 05, 2007

Holiday Messages from the World's Faiths
United States, Dec 25, 2006

Muslims Seek Israel Peace Center Funds
United Press International
United States, Dec 15, 2006

Freedom House - Georgetown University Conference on North Korea
United States, Dec 01, 2006

Innovative Building of an Interfaith Community
Gail Paine, UPF-USA
United States, Nov 17, 2006

A Peace Forum with a Difference
Gail Paine, UPF-USA
United States, Nov 17, 2006

What to expect from the Iraq Study Group
World Peace Herald
United States, Nov 13, 2006

North Korea's Downward Slide
Michael Marshall, UPI Editor In Chief
United States, Oct 23, 2006

New Character Curriculum a Big Draw at Educators Conference
Alan Saunders, Director, Office of Character Education, UPF
United States, Oct 15, 2006

Netherlands, Canada Replace North Korea, Nigeria for 2006 Peace Queen Cup
United States, Oct 11, 2006

"Halelu" Peace Cantata Presented to Ami Israel
David Eaton, Ambassador For Peace, and Music Director of the New York City Symphony
United States, Sep 15, 2006

Bering Strait: A Capitol Hill Briefing
Gail Paine, UPF-North America
United States, Jun 05, 2006

Business Leaders Gather for Peace in Seattle
Gail Paine, UPF-North America
United States, Jun 05, 2006

The Journey of an Ambassador for Peace: Building Bridges to Africa
Jackie Kakembo
United States, Jun 01, 2006

Workshops for Students and Teachers at the High School of the Pacific
Alan Saunders, Director of the Office of Character Education
United States, May 12, 2006

UPF Cosponsors the International Conference on Faith and Service
United States, Apr 06, 2006

International Women?s Day Seminar Honors Women Peacemakers
Caroline Betancourt
United States, Mar 09, 2006

God Has Spoken [American Chronicle] (external link)
Professor Alon Ben-Meir
United States, Feb 21, 2006

Japanese Tea Ceremony at Upshur House in Washington, DC
Tomiko Duggan
United States, Nov 08, 2005

Basketball Athlete runs in ING Marathon, RYS Fundraiser
Diesa Seidel, RYS
United States, Oct 11, 2005

Worldwide Call to Prayer
Dr. Frank Kaufmann
United States, Jan 07, 2005

The Reception Inter Religious Federation for World Peace at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Antonio
Dr. Frank Kaufmann, IRFWP Director
United States, Nov 21, 2004

Dr. Antero Flores-Araoz Honored by the Hispanic Community in New York
Trevor E. Jones, Tiempos del Mundo
United States, Oct 14, 2004

Philippines Speaker Backs U.N. Faith Body
Anwar Iqbal, UPI (United Press International)
United States, Oct 13, 2004

Building Ties Across Religious Boundaries
Mitch Dixon
Canada, Apr 18, 2004

America and the World at a Turning Point: A Time for Leadership and Good Governance for the Sake of Peace
Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak
United States, Jun 24, 2003

First Lady of Dominican Republic Becomes an Ambassador for Peace
Ricardo de Sena
United States, May 10, 2002

WFWP, USA-Tenth Anniversary
Alexa Ward
United States, Mar 23, 2002

Program Recommendations for IIFWP Chapters
United States

IIFWP Chairman Receives Honorary Doctorate
Adapted from an article by Dr. Tyler Hendricks
United States

God and World Peace "An Exploration of the Significance of God for a World in Crises"
Nadine Andre
United States

God and World Peace: Panel Summaries
United States

The World Culture and Sports Festival 2003
United States



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