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UPF Statement on Annapolis Peace Talks
New York, United States
November 27, 2007

UPF delegation at Al Aqsa Dome of the Rock
The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) notes with approval and hope today's announcement from Annapolis by President George Bush that Israeli and Palestinian leaders will immediately launch peace talks aimed at bringing a permanent peace as soon as the end of 2008. We congratulate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Mahmoud Abbas for their courage and willingness to make "painful compromises" in order to reach the common goal of peace.

Unfortunately, with violent protests and demonstrations against the talks already having taken at least one life, it is clear that there is a very long way to go.

The UPF and its network of more than 100,000 Ambassadors for Peace from 192 nations is committed to helping the peace process, especially through its ongoing Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI)

MEPI, which began in 2003, is an interreligious Track II diplomacy effort that brings a wide range of religious leaders and religious perspectives into the center of the search for peace. More than 12,000 people have participated to date. At a time when radical religious voices continue to fan the flames of intolerance, violence, and retribution, the UPF is bringing moderate and compassionate spiritual and community leaders to a shared vision of humanity as "One Family Under God."

We seek not only interreligious cooperation but also constructive relationships among religions, governments, and civil society. We focus on bringing the family of Abraham together, and then bring that spirit of reconciliation to elected officials and other community leaders as a way to open doors to better public policies that can build communities of peace.

UPF offers its five principles of peacemaking as a resource for the difficult but hopeful days ahead.

  • We are one human family under God
    The way to reach peace starts by recognizing our common humanity and our divine origin.
  • Human beings are spiritual and moral in nature
    We are spiritual beings. A lasting peace must address the fundamental desires of the human spirit for truth, justice, beauty and love, as well as the practical and economic issues of daily life.
  • The family is the school of love and peace
    The family is the first and most essential human institution, and is the place where love, tolerance and compassion for others must be taught first.
  • Living for the sake of others
    Living for the sake of other is the way to reconcile the divided human family. The essence of good character is true love shown through unselfish actions.
  • Cooperation beyond boundaries
    Lasting peace requires addressing the root causes of conflict. Transcending racial, religious and ethnic barriers is an imperative of our time. Faith can give people the power to forgive, and the love to overcome generations of hatred, resentment and violence. Yet it can also increase those problems when misdirected. Religious leaders must set the example.

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I agree that peace is a must and a universal right with no race-region-religion casting or boundary. That it should be ensured at any cost is shying away from reality, for the obtained peace would be fragile and temporary. Hence a concerted effort to understand the root cause of conflict and best approach to solving it would be the most ideal and effective method.

Religion is the God inspired method of disciplining our thoughts and regimenting our behavior - through both fear of the consequences of negative behavior and need for understanding fellow human beings. The warping of the good in each religion and taking it on the negative path is due to human error. This needs to be tackled. Until such a time all efforts will prove to be futile - and the hot spots of endemic disasters with epidemic proportions will continue and most likely aggravate.

Geetha Reddy Anant

After a long struggle for peace, finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to almighty God, to the inspiration of True Parents and the work of all Ambassadors for Peace, we are heading on the path of peace and freedom in the Middle East. This is a great victory, but we still have a long way to go. With our prayers and sacrifice, we'll make it happen!

Dr.H. Auckbaraullee, Chairman, UPF Canada

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