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For more information about UPF in Oceania,
visit the regional website at

Sharing the UPF Vision in Samoa
John Von Dinklage
Samoa, Jul 31, 2007

Training Micronesia Teachers in Character Education
Michael Treacy, Director, UPF-Micronesia
Micronesia, Jul 27, 2007

Growing Interest in Character Education in Micronesia
Michael Treacy, UPF-Micronesia
United States, May 21, 2007

Micronesian Island of Pohnpei welcomes UPF Character Education Training
Michael Treacy, Director, UPF-Micronesia
Micronesia, Nov 16, 2006

"Living for Others" Peace Awards
Australia, Nov 02, 2006

Successful UPF project in Micronesia: Dial-a-Ditch Pothole Elimination Program
Michael Treacy, Director, UPF Micronesia
Micronesia, Oct 11, 2006

Play Soccer Make Peace in Australia: June 22-July 2
Play Soccer Make Peace Correspondent
Australia, May 08, 2006

Seminar for Traditional Leaders from Pohnpei and Palau
Michael Treacy
Micronesia, May 07, 2006

Report on First Oceania Clergy Leadership Seminar
Paul Saver, IIFWP Oceania
New Zealand, Jul 13, 2005

Youth Mission Promote Peace
CHARLES KADAMANA, Solomon Star Newspaper
Solomon Islands, Jun 28, 2005

Character Education Pilot Project in Palau
Irene Anania
Palau, May 26, 2005

Third Oceania Parliamentarians for Peace Seminar and Tour
Paul Saver, IIFWP Director, Melanesia, Oceania
Korea, May 24, 2005

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak?s, IIFWP Chairman, Speech to the Constitutional Convention, Palau
Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, IIFWP Chairman
Palau, May 20, 2005

First Oceania Parliamentarians for Peace Seminar
Enrique Ledesma, Secretary-General, IIFWP Oceania and Paul Saver, Sub-Regional Leader Melanesia
Korea, Mar 26, 2005

President Mancham of Seychelles to participate at Qatari-American Conference on Free Markets and Democracy
United States, Mar 22, 2005

Parliamentarians for Peace Seminar Welcome Remarks by H.E. Kim Won-Ki, Speaker of the National Assembly
H.E. Kim Won-Ki, Speaker of the National Assembly, Korea
Korea, Mar 22, 2005

Outside View: New approach to U.N. peacekeeping
John Elsegood, UPI Outside View Commentator
Australia, Nov 05, 2004

Seventh Oceania Ambassadors for Peace Leadership Seminar
Rev. Paul Saver
Vanuatu, Sep 23, 2004

Report of Sixth Oceania Ambassadors for Peace Leadership Seminar
Rev. Paul Saver
Solomon Islands, Sep 11, 2004

Ambassadors for Peace Leadership and Character Education Seminar in Tuvalu, Oceania
Rev. Greg Stone
Tuvalu, Jul 16, 2004

Provincial Leadership Seminar in Vanuatu
Andrew Lausberg
Vanuatu, Jun 26, 2004

New Leaders Appointed in Oceania
Greg Stone
Australia, Jun 13, 2004



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