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Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak?s, IIFWP Chairman, Speech to the Constitutional Convention, Palau
Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, IIFWP Chairman
May 20, 2005

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak addressing Palau's Constitutional Convention
Your Excellencies. Distinguished Member of the Constitutional Convention.

On behalf of Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon and the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, thank you for allowing me time to address you today. I know you have a great responsibility, and much serious work to do.

I want to use this opportunity to respectfully offer some recommendations for your consideration as you review the constitution.

My recommendations reflect the overall vision of the IIFWP and especially its vision of Good Governance.
  1. Good governance requires harmony between both the internal aspects of our lives, including both spiritual and moral values, with the external aspects, such as social, political and economic concerns. The spiritual and moral should never be divorced from the socio-economic dimensions of human life. The two should be harmonized.

  2. There are three core ways in which the spiritual and moral are maintained in society. The first is through religions. The second is through the family and especially the elders. The third is through the schools. Each of these aspects of society must be affirmed and protected by the constitution.

  3. The constitution should uphold religious freedom, and also should affirm and encourage interreligious respect, harmony and cooperation as an essential social good.

  4. The constitution should make possible constructive partnership between government and faith-based NGOs, and faith-based organizations.

  5. The constitution should uphold and protect the value of the two-parent, monogamous (one man, one woman) family as the foundation of society; the family is the foundation for good citizenship and the good society and nation.

  6. The constitution should uphold and protect the human rights of all citizens, underscoring that human rights have their foundation in our being children of one God.

  7. The constitution should emphasize that misuse of public goods undermines the public trust and the well-being of society.

  8. Finally, the ideal of the nation should be to become a ?family? based on a culture of heart. That is, in addition to the rule of law, a nation should be guided by the bonds of heart and link us to one another respectfully and lovingly.

I believe that Palau can be a model nation, and its constitution can serve as a model for other nations. There are aspects of the culture and civilization of Palau that the rest of the world needs to learn.

Two core principles are of the essence: First is the principle of living for the sake of others. We must move from a culture of selfishness to a culture of unselfishness. In governance, also, we should always seek cooperation, harmony and unity.

Second, we should always seek to go beyond barriers, of race, religion, nationality, culture, etc.

Thank you for your attention. I pray God guides you in your work.

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