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The First World Rally for the Universal Peace Federation Opening Address
Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman UPF/IIFWP
Seoul, Korea
February 2, 2006

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, UPF/IIFWP Chairman
Leaders and ambassadors for peace representing 160 nations and continents across the world, civic leaders in attendance from all spheres and sectors of Korea, distinguished guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen!

I wholeheartedly welcome all of you, who have graced us with your presence, to this historic occasion of the First World Rally for the Universal Peace Federation, held to facilitate the realization of the ideal of a world of perpetual peace, transcending all barriers of national, religious, racial and cultural boundaries.

The ideal of peace and approach to it pursued by the Universal Peace Federation are fundamentally different from historic attempts at peace that have appeared but faded away as well as those currently in existence. The international, interreligious, interracial and intercultural Federation pursues those values that should be embraced and followed by all humankind as sacred ideals.

In rapport with God through deep prayer and devotion, Rev. Moon inaugurated the Universal Peace Federation in accordance with the providential program, and after performing the inaugural rally in New York recently, on September 12, last year, and in spite of his eighty-six years of age, rather than looking to his own physical welfare, he set off, crossing numerous national frontiers, in a tour that had him conducting rallies on a near daily basis throughout 120 nations of our global village for people burdened by strife and sorrow for the liberation and deliverance of God, our true parent.

Looking at this matter further, in the fifty odd years since Rev. Moon became engaged in his public calling as the True Parent of humanity, not one of the many projects he has carried out in fields such as religion, education, culture, the economy or the media has not extended across barriers of nationality, race, religion or culture. The Universal Peace Federation is the culmination of the internal and external foundations that Rev. Moon has devoted his life to laying.

The Universal Peace Federation brings to fruition an ideal of mutual living, prosperity, and interests, which encompasses all regions, extends over all races and national boundaries, breaks down all barriers of religion, and transcends all cultures. In relation to existing international organizations, it is the Abel UN that will transform the United Nations, which is the Cain UN, into the Peace UN. In terms of the common hope of humanity, it presages an ideal world of peace. The Universal Peace Federation is the actualized ideal of the peace kingdom desired by God, the true parent of humanity, and prelapsarian humankind.

UPF Participants
How valuable is this event in which, along with the historic Federation, leaders from all nations who quest for good governance and a new, alternative order that can be an ideal model, discuss the ultimate ideal of peace, and pool our willpower and resolve for the realization and sustenance of that ideal?

Honorable guests, leaders from home and abroad, and representative ambassadors for peace!

Please take a moment to look around you. This gathering embodies in itself the international, interreligious, and interracial ideal without any affectation or exaggeration. We should all have an open mind. Should you remain within the confines of your own nations, races, or religions, ultimate, perpetual peace will never come upon us. Only when, through true love for the sake of others, we have brought down barriers and gone over a wall, grounded in the universally valid truth lying at the center of all fundamentals, is the realization of perpetual peace made possible.

Furthermore, rather than waiting to enjoy benefits arising from the society, nation, and fortune of the universal providence of God made by others, let us become subjective figures who make peace with our own hands, owners of the world of universal peace and unity, and leaders exercising true love for the sake of others, by working actively, constructively, and creatively.

This represents the fundamental ideology, teaching, ability, and achievements, which no one can undermine, of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has established the Universal Peace Federation today and promoted this international meeting for the universalization and globalization of values aspired to by the Federation.

May the blessing of God be with you all and your families.

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