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IIFWP Regional Chapters Hold Their Own Leadership Convocations
United States
November 19, 2004

Following in the footsteps of the IIFWP-International, beginning in mid-October IIFWP national chapters around the world held their own regional ?Leadership Convocation? conferences which included a Crown of Peace Award ceremony and an encouragement of the launch of the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace. Several new Ambassadors for Peace Certificates were presented and a few Ambassadors for Peace and dignitaries were honored with the Crown of Peace Award at these events.

Below are just a few of the highlights from various nations from their own Leadership Convocation conferences.

By Mr. Toru Miyahara, translated by Masako Phillips
October 16, 2004

On October 16th the Accra Beach Hotel in Bridgetown became the scene of the inauguration of the Interreligious and International Peace Council of Barbados, West Indies. The former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Sandiford was joined by various VIPs and Ambassadors for Peace, with about 70 people in attendance. Former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Sandiford was the keynote speaker. The Former Prime Minister spoke on the meaning and significance of the theme Leadership and Good Governance, Culture of Heart and Lasting Peace.

By Pius Mbu Manchang
October 30, 2004

IIFWP-Cameroon held their convocation on the 30th of October, 2004 at the Parliamentary Hotel (Hotel de deputes) in Yaounde.

The Secretary General of IIFWP-Cameroon, Mr. Pius Mbu Manchang, served as the emcee. He first called on the Mr. Ronald Fusi Atoh to offer an invocation. The emcee then described a wide range of national and international activities of the IIFWP. Professor Daniel Lantum, founder of the University Teaching Hospital in Yaounde, gave a presentation of activities of the Founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. He also told of his experience in 2000 when he traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the convocation. Professor Lantum expressed how the Founder's efforts in establishing world peace merit appreciation by all who wish to seek solutions to the present world crisis. He explained why he is willing to join IIFWP's efforts in serving the world because this has also been his major concern as a professor of medicine for over forty years. The next speaker, Ambassador for Peace Rev. George Sebastian, gave a presentation on the IIPC and the United Nations.

During this convocation the IIFWP proceeded to launch the Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace. The secretary general for IIFWP-Cameroon explained the aims and goals of this new organization.

His Eminence Pierre Tang declared that he is ready to work with all other religions because he feels he has a task that goes beyond churches and beliefs. He is traveling to Israel for a pilgrimage, representing Cameroon and Africa as an Ambassador for Peace. The next speaker, Ndoutoumou Jerome, was especially inspired by the explanation of the American Clergy's willingness to follow instruction to take down the cross. Then His Excellency Fomenky, another Ambassador for Peace, spoke from his heart, saying he is learning so many new things and he is willing to support the IIFWP in order to discover more of the Founder's wisdom. The convention ended with a banquet.

By Fritz Piepenburg, IIFWP Secretary General, Europe
October 20, 2004

The European Leadership Convocation entitled ?Leadership and Good Governance for a Culture of Heart and Lasting Peace? took place at the Radisson Sas Beke Hotel in Budapest, Hungary on October 20-21. Mr.Heiner Handschin, regional chair of IIFWP Europe, acted as the emcee for the entire two days of conference. The 192 Ambassadors for Peace and IIFWP members from 30 European nations were warmly welcomed during the opening session by Prof. Tamas F?ldesi, Prof. of Law at the E?tv?s University and Vice President of IIFWP Hungary. He was joined by Rev. Dr. David Hart, a senior lecturer at the King Alfred?s College in the United Kingdom, Prof. Dr. Bertil Persson, Sweden?s representative to UNESCO, Dr. Emmanuel Bezzina, Founder and Chairman of the Family Rights Association in Malta, Dr. Thomas Walsh, Secretary General of the IIFWP International, Rev. Yong Cheol Song, Chairman of IIFWP Europe and Rev. Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak, Chairman of IIFWP, Chairman of IIFWP International.

During Session II, Dr. Walsh presented a review of IIFWP/IIPC Vision and Programs and gave a report on the Mongolian People?s Federation for World Peace. The latter part was elaborated in more detail during the farewell banquet the next day, when participants signed a resolution in support of the ?Declaration for Inauguration of Mongolian Peoples Federation for World Peace?.

The next morning started with three working sessions. Mr.Tim Read facilitated the session on ?Europe and the Renewal of the United Nations.? The titles of the other two sessions were, ?Prospects for Partnership between Governments and Non-Governmental Institutions in Europe? facilitated by Mr. Peter Z?hrer and ?Europe and the Middle East Peace Initiative? by Mr.Guiseppe Cali. All three are regional chairs of IIFWP Europe.

After the break, Rev. Kwak presented his thorough and in-depth power point lecture entitled ?The Significance of Marriage, Family and the World Peace Blessing? which was very well received by the audience. He then invited three representative couples on the stage for partaking in the Holy Wine and Blessing ceremony. They were Rev. Niels Lundgreen and Mrs. Nisa Lundgreen from Denmark, Pastor Anthony Tsibu and Mrs. Sabina Tsibu from Austria and Mr. Alajos Chrudinak and Mrs. Chrudinak from Hungary. Meanwhile ushers were distributing Holy Wine/Holy Juice to all participants of the ceremony. Rev. and Mrs. Kwak concluded this solemn ceremony by giving the blessing prayer.

This more internal part was followed by honouring 12 outstanding Ambassadors for Peace with the ?Crown of Peace Award.? Among them, seven received certificates, recognizing them for their lifelong dedication in public service and for their efforts in reconciling all people regardless of race, religion, nationality or culture. Recipients were Elder Reuben Silverbird (Austria), Sheikh Mamadou Nsangou Ntchara (France), Mr. Karl Franz Meier (Germany), Mr. Alajos Chrudinak (Hungary), Dr. Emmanuel Bezzina (Malta) and Rev. Dr. David Hart (United Kingdom). Rev. Kwak then honoured five more Ambassadors by giving them large peace medals as a special recognition for their peace efforts. Recipients were Rev. Niels Lundgreen (Denmark), Prof. Ern? Lazarovits (Hungary) Prof. Isabel Gutierrez Zuloaga (Spain), Prof. Dr. Bertil Persson (Sweden) and Amb. Nihad Fahmi (Switzerland).

Amb. Nihad Fahmi then took the podium. Elaborating on the countless efforts undertaken by the founders of the IIFWP for the sake of fostering world peace, Amb. Fahmi proposed to grant the European level Crown of Peace Award to Rev. and Mrs. Moon. ?Father and Mother Moon have not only invested their entire lives for the sake of world peace. More than that, I know of no statesman or religious leader, who has such a clear, practical vision and idea on how to achieve a world of peace. For me they are the prophets of our time, bringing God?s divine plan to all of humanity,? he stated during his speech. When he suggested offering the Crown of Peace award to Rev. and Mrs. Moon, all participants rose and applauded enthusiastically.

Latin America
October 27, 2004

Brazil hosted this convocation on the 27th of October 2004 at Gran Meli? Mofarrej hotel in S?o Paulo, started at 2:00 pm and finished at 12:00 am (midnight).

The total of 368 Brazilian leaders participated and 32 leaders from other Latin American countries.

There were many important leaders from the fields of politics, religion, media, academic, sport, business, NGOs and other professionals. Amongst the most outstanding ones were: Dr. Marco Pollo Del Nero - the president of Paulista football Federation, the federal Deputy- Mario Yasumori Rumiojo, the president of IKK of Brazil, Dr. Seiji Ishikawa, Dr. Roberto Suga ? the consultant of UN in Brazil. Dr. Fernando Hormain, vice president of Raumirez of New York, Mr. Brigido Barrios ? the president of 7 Day Adventist Association, Mr. Roque Alberto Ramos- Psychologist, Dr. Jos? Carlos Eymael ?president of PSDC, Father Guilhermo Revuelta of Cuba, Dr. Heraldo Magnani - president of Candex of Brazil, and Mayor Sebasti?o Bocalom Rodrigues.

The opening speech was made by Rev. Kwak who was introduced by Dr. Thomas Walsh. There followed speeches given by Dr.Brigido Barrios and the president of Venezuelan Association of the Religious for Peace, Dr. Roque Alberto Ramos of Argentina.

At 8.00pm Rev. Kwak gave the speech entittled: The Significance of Marriage, Family and the ?World Peace Blessing?. The speech was followed by a Marriage Blessing and Dedication.

Soon afterwards five Crown of Peace Awards (plaques) were presented to: Mr. Brigido Barrios of Venezuela, Dr. Seiji Ishikawa of Brazil, Dr. Marco Polo Del Nero of Brazil, Mr. Roque Alberto Ramos of Argentina and Mr. Sanchez Serra do Peru. Nomination of Rev. and Mrs. Moon for a Crown of Peace award was made by Father Guilhermo Revuelta of Cuba. Dr. Marco Pollo Del Nero, the president of Paulista Football Federation and Dr. Seiji Ishikoura presented the awards. At the end there was a musical presentation made by Mrs. Hisae Santos and congratulatory words were given by former governor Dr. Ronaldo Borges and Dr. Heraldo Nascimento Costa who gave an excellent testimony of the IIFWP founders.

Gunnard Z. Johnston
October 25, 2004

New Ambassador for Peace appointees were given at the IIFWP-Lithuania convocation. We gave Crown of Peace awards to the founding three members of IIFWP in Lithuania, each one a patriot whose love for humankind goes beyond the nation. Two of these gentlemen were forced to serve significant portions of their young lives in Soviet Siberia; the third gentleman served in the first parliament of Lithuania after independence from Soviet rule, and he now heads the "Third Age University", education for those beyond career needs; he and his wife also recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

The Blessing Ceremony, in which everybody participated was carefully yet light-heartedly shepherded by our dear brother, Mr. Jack Corley.

The person who read Rev. Moon?s poem, "Crown of Glory," was an eminent senior poet and writer in Lithuania, but most importantly, he has lived his life as a man of unwavering conscience based on love of the family ideal as the foundation for the national ideal. So outspoken was he in his passionate defense of the family as God creates it, that he suffered eight years in the Soviet gulags of Siberia.

Then, the man who made the formal recommendation for Rev. and Mrs. Moon to receive the Crown of Peace award was a man who had spent 21 years in the Soviet Siberian gulags, Mr Petkus. During this time, he met many people from all over the world, including Adrei Sakharov, the Russian nuclear scientist who won the Nobel Peace prize. When the Soviets would not allow Sakharov to attend the Nobel ceremony in Oslo, he stayed in Vilnius with Mr. Petkus. Mr. Petkus gave a warm, heartfelt, and strong call of recommendation to recognize the founders for their lifelong dedication to a world of peace.

October 31, 2004

IIFWP-Nigeria held their convocation on October 31, 2004. Some 200 traditional rulers in full color regalia and other VIPs attended the dignified ceremony at the Integrated Cultural Center in Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. A number of the rulers were paramount rulers, the highest level of royalty.

Among the participants was His Royal Majesty King Alfred P. Diete-Spiff, the former Governor of Rivers State. He is the King of Twon Brass as well as an Ambassador for Peace. Also attending was His Royal Highness Sir Weli Wobo Onunwor, the King of Oropotoma Kingdom, who is similarly an Ambassador for Peace.

Chief Uyouko S. Uyouko, a lawyer and a university lecturer who is also a high-level traditional ruler, presented the keynote address entitled "The Role of the Traditional Rulers in Establishing a Culture of Peace." In his speech he said that the original role of a traditional ruler was to bring harmony and peace. He said a traditional proverb asserts that there can only be harmony in a market place if there is an elder or chief present. He then gave much credit to Rev. Moon, who has shown the way to be a great elder and chief by working for true peace in the world. Chief Uyouko quoted liberally from Father Moon?s speech given at a Hoon Dok Hae conference which had attended. As a high-level traditional ruler himself, Chief Uyouko inspired the roomful of royalty and helped to prepare for a beautiful ceremony to follow. Traditional rulers, including those present at the program, play a key role in Nigerian society and often hold high-level positions in civilian government.

Kevin Winter, the IIFWP international representative, gave an introduction to the life of Rev. Moon describing his suffering through persecution to help save humanity and bring God's order to the earth. His tribute to Rev. and Mrs. Moon set the stage for a dignified and moving climax to the evening.

Fourty traditional rulers received Ambassador for Peace Awards.

The Chairman of the program was Chief Ambassador Segun Olusola, the founder of the African Refugee Foundation and former Nigerian ambassador to Ethiopia. He is a high level traditional ruler and a respected international diplomat, who previously received the Crown of Peace Award as an African statesman in Korea. He is also a trustee of IIFWP Nigeria. His masterful diplomacy and profound respect for Rev. and Mrs. Moon turned a dignified and beautiful ceremony into a deeply moving occasion.

The program was hosted and sponsored by the Ambassadors for Peace of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Among the sponsors of the program were Federal Senator Tari Sekibo, who provided the venue, and Chief P. N. Ehoro, who provided lodging for program participants in his hotel. Rev. George Ikpot, President of FFWPU Nigeria, Rev. George Ogurie, Secretary General of IIFWP Nigeria, and Rev. John Oko, Director of FFWPU Port Harcourt, were the organizers of the program. Raphael Oko, a university lecturer, was the master of Ceremonies.

October 30, 2004

Peace Ambassadors and many dignitaries from the clergy, politics, and civic fields gathered for this significant ceremony at the Peace Embassy of the IIFWP. The gathering took place in the main conference hall of the Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia.

In the morning the guests were all seated and the ceremony commenced. The opening remarks were given and the prayer offered by a Christian minister.

The former Second Lady of the First Republic of Zambia, Mrs. Edna Kamanga gave the opening speech. Later, the video ?The Crown of Peace? was shown, followed by a lecture given by Rev. Faerber on power-point about family value and the blessing of marriage.

The Guests were invited to participate in the holy wine ceremony lead by representative couple, Dr. L.F. Chipatanga and wife.

Thirteen new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, including one Indian and two Chinese nationals.

October 30, 2004

More than 60 participants attended IIFWP-Zimbabwe?s Crown of Peace Awards held in Harare, Zimbabwe, including special guests IIFWP-Zimbabwe Chairman and Director of the Harare City Council, Prof. Jameson Kurasha; the Ruling Party?s Director of External Affairs, Mr. Itayi Machi and several Ambassadors for Peace.

Prof. Kurasha gave the introduction and spoke of Rev.Moon?s vision and commitment for peace. This was followed by a speech by Rev.Bosako, the Secretary General for IIFWP-Zimbabwe. He also highlighted the path that Rev. Moon has walked up to the present moment and how he has sacrificed all his resources for Peace. He spoke of the activities of IIFWP. A video was shown of the awards ceremonies which were held in America and Korea and people were touched by the work that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have done for humanity.

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