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Chapters of UPF (IIFWP) and their network of affiliated NGOs including representatives of the International Relief Friendship Foundation (IRFF), as well as volunteers from the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) have been working tirelessly throughout Africa over the last decade to deal with the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Based on this foundation, UPF developed a set of flipcharts entitled, “Healthy Lifestyle Series: Living AIDS Free, A Zero-Transmission Lifestyle.”

Using the flipcharts, educational projects and initiatives have been implemented in over 12 African countries including Cameroon, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Benin, and the Democratic of the Congo. The program has now been developed in the majority of countries on the Sub Saharan Continent of Africa.

UPF views HIV/AIDS as a moral and spiritual problem. The organization promotes the sanctity of marriage, the centrality of character education as the foundation for a successful life, the importance of sexual purity before marriage, fidelity after marriage, and a society that embraces the family as the basic ideal of human living.

Some of the African countries have little working electricity and the flipcharts help to bring the presentation out to the people in very natural surroundings. Currently, volunteers are educating teachers through the Healthy Lifestyle Series and these teachers are in turn educating their students. In Nigeria, we presented “Living AIDS Free,” to the Ideal Girls High School. Mrs. Chibueze, guardian counselor at the school said, “Truly speaking, if there is any organization that can transform the decadent situation of this age, it is the programs of IIFWP [UPF].”

The Centraliy of Marriage and Family (The Centrality of Marriage and Family in Creating World Peace)
Mr. Alan Saunders, Director of Human Development - IIFWP
United States, Mar 17, 2005

The Vanguard Covers IIFWP Three-Day Workshop on HIV/AIDS Awarness (HIV/AIDS Avoidance Program - Nigeria)
Nigeria, Sep 14, 2004

Uganda's Success (Uganda's Success Can Be Replicated)
Dr. Chris Baryomunsi and Dr. Robert Kittel
United States, Jul 02, 2004

The Central Role of the Family in Personality Development (Regional)
Dr. Dietrich Seidel
Austria, Aug 30, 2003

Introducing Mr. Alan Saunders, Director of the Office of HIV/AIDS Prevention (Youth Character Development and the Spread of HIV/AIDS)
Alan Saunders
United States, Jan 23, 2003

Family Values Appreciated in the Ukraine (Renewing the Nation)
Mykhlayo Ilyin
Ukraine, Dec 24, 2002

Building a Foundation of Peace Through Loving Service (Summary of RYS Projects in 2002)
Rev. John W. Gehring
Trinidad and Tobago, Aug 30, 2002

13th Friendship Americas Project (Summary of RYS Projects in 2002)
Ana Cobiella-Olson
Guatemala, Aug 27, 2002

6th Island Friendship Project (Summary of RYS Projects in 2002)
Rev. John W. Gehring
Trinidad and Tobago, Aug 17, 2002

Chairman's Journey Continues: Grenada (Renewing the Nation)
Grenada, Jan 26, 2002




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