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Building on the core values and principles that define the mission and work of the UPF, this committee will develop the peace-building methods, and innovative best practices that can be applied effectively in efforts to diminish or resolve civil unrest, inter-racial, interreligious, inter-ethnic hostility and violence, intra-state conflicts, terrorism, and inter-state conflict.  The work of this committee will have direct bearing on the “peace initiatives” of the UPF.

Committee Resolution (PDF file)


Affirming the sacred value, and universally acknowledged rights and dignity of each human being, this committee will consider a wide range of situations and cases where the rights of human beings are being violated, and will examine, in a comprehensive way, the root causes of these injustices, and will seek innovative ways in which to implement sustainable solutions, as well as developing preventive strategies grounded in a global ethics based on universal principles.

Modus Operendi

  • Target and monitor unresolved cases of human rights abuse, with intent to create model projects that apply methods that empower, reconcile and build bridges and that can be multiplied in partnership. 
  • Research best practices in preventing and de-escalating conflicts and early-warning initiatives with intent to strengthen grassroots integration of human rights and development.
  • By contributing to the ongoing review of human rights instruments-first and foremost the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights – to meet the requirements in line with global developments and current needs and adopting a more holistic approach to human rights work.
  • By building human rights awareness among vulnerable groups, such as refugees and displaced persons, women, children youth, minorities and indigenous populations.
  • By assessing the current Human Rights Education programs with intent to build on them and to encourage implementation in support of the World Program for Human Rights Education.
  • By reviewing on a regular basis the steps taken by the committee and the progress made on a national, regional and international levels in line with the recommendations made in the New York Declaration of September, 2005


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