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MEPI Leaders Seek Solutions to Middle East Crisis
New York, United States
July 19, 2006

MEPI co-chair Dr. Michael Jenkins has arrived in Jerusalem to meet with local and regional Ambassadors for Peace in response to the growing crisis in Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. ?The UPF is more relevant now than ever,? he said on arrival, ?And here in the Middle East we have a significant coalition of diverse leaders who represent Muslim, Christian and Jewish concerns as well as those of the different nations of the Middle East.?

We are pulling together our Ambassadors for Peace here in Jerusalem to plan larger ongoing effort. Our focus on the Interreligious dimension in cooperation with the political leaders is critical. This is what Father Moon called for as being necessary for the United Nations to be effective in Peace Making - the Interreligious Council.

We will assess what are the best steps we can take and make recommendations. We are working on all fronts - Jordan, Gaza, West Bank, Israel and Lebanon. With the authority that we have as Ambassadors for Peace and the burning desire in the majority of all people on all sides to end this suffering - the Ambassadors for Peace can and will strengthen morale and reaffirm other options to resolve this crisis.

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Archived June 20, 2006

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