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The Amman Proclamation
Amman, Jordan
May 23, 2006

This statement expresses the essence of the Middle East Peace initiative. This was drafted and signed by peace pilgrimage participants and Middle Eastern Ambassadors for Peace of Jordan at the conclusion of the Universal Peace Federation forum in Amman on May 23, 2006.

As Ambassadors for Peace from Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and around the world, we are gathered in the peace-loving city of Amman, capital of a free and sovereign state. We gather in Jordan to offer our heartfelt gratitude, praise and respect for His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Royal Family, and the central and most effective role he and the Hashemite Kingdom are playing to secure peace in the Middle East.

Despite the noble efforts of Jordan and many other nations and non governmental organizations, the peace and sovereignty evident here remain an elusive and still unfulfilled goal for our brothers and sisters beyond the Jordan River, in the Holy Land, and indeed throughout the Middle East. As the cause for peace in the land of God?s promise inches painfully forward, there are powers of oppression that seek to derail it; narrow minds of fear and control that wish to delay it; hearts of hatred that seek to destroy it. We proclaim that these dark forces shall never again rule the day.

As Muslims, Christians, Jews and leaders from diverse faith traditions who long for peace, we call upon all the children of Abraham to leave the long and painful night of sorrow and suffering behind, and turn once and for all toward a bright future of promise together. We Ambassadors for Peace, guided by the vision and affirming the global work for peace of Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, assemble in the historic city of Amman, Jordan, on this twenty-third day of May, 2006, and declare with one heart and one voice:

  1. The three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are one family, descended from our common father Abraham. We share a common heritage of faith, with common ideals of humility before Almighty God, compassion toward all of His children, and dedication to the sanctity of our families.

  2. The Middle East Peace Initiative has sponsored tens of thousands of pilgrims to the Holy Land who carry with them the human heart and dream for peace. Native Americans have called to the Four Winds to sanctify the land and break the spell of conflict. Buddhists tapped their chimes and cymbals, as did leaders and believers from every religion and tradition, each in their own holy way
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  4. Global efforts have frequently given us hope, but far too often we have watched in horror as events seem to thrust us backward into darker and harder realities, pushing the bright horizons of peace farther and farther from reach. Despite such harsh realities, we stand together as Ambassadors for Peace, firm in our determination that the human spirit, united together and in concert with Divine power and guidance, can overcome all obstacles to achieve our dream of lasting peace in our world.

  5. The Holy Land is so named because it has been blessed by God. It is the fruit of His work, and each of its holy sites, though understood differently by each of the Abrahamic faiths, are the result of His efforts to sanctify a people. Therefore, this land and these shrines should be honored and preserved, in His name, for all the children of Abraham and all who revere Him. Our devotion is not to structures of stone made by the hands of men, but to the traditions, the faith, and the values they enshrine, and the holy teachers whom they honor. These great faith traditions, when practiced as taught, are true instruments of peace and our greatest hope for the future.

  6. We of the Universal Peace Federation and its affiliates honor and strongly support the efforts of H.M. King Abdullah II in calling for world leaders to pursue all opportunities toward advancing tthe two state solution of the Palestinian-Israeli situation through a negotiated settlement. We strongly affirm the importance of solutions reached through dialogue and mutual agreement rather than unilateral action. Likewise we stand with H.M. King Abdullah II in urging world leaders to seek ways to address the urgent need for effective means to channel assistance for vital humanitarian services in the Palestinian territories.

On this day of May 23rd, 2006, in Amman, Jordan, united in love, we Jews, Christians, Muslims and leaders from diverse faith traditions pledge to stand as one and defend the faiths of all. As our father Abraham offered even his son in complete trust in God, we too are ready to offer the blessings God has given to us, this land and all that we hold holy, for the sake of all whom God loves. With the guidance of God and the blessing of True Parents, we pledge our lives, our honor, and our continuing devotion to realize one Holy Land for all the children of Abraham, and from there to build a world of justice, peace, freedom and happiness for all the children of God.

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