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Young Italians Connect with Israeli and Palestinian Youth
Israel, Jan 14, 2008

Hearts Touched as Brothers Embrace
Israel, Jan 04, 2008

UPF Statement on Annapolis Peace Talks
United States, Nov 27, 2007

The Challenges of "Tikkun Olam"
United States, Nov 27, 2007

Before Heaven and Earth, the Only Solution is a Just Peace
Jordan, Nov 27, 2007

Promoting Interreligious Understanding
Israel, Nov 26, 2007

Radio Show: Negotiation Processes in the Middle East
Canada, Nov 21, 2007

Peace group heads urge world action to end Mideast strife
Israel, Jul 02, 2007

Iraqi Soccer Team Beats the Odds
Jordan, Jun 25, 2007

22 United Nations Missions Briefed on UPF?s Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI)
United States, May 21, 2007

The Road to Peace in the Middle East
United States, May 17, 2007

Cracking the Walls of Hate and Fear (MEPI)
Israel, Apr 18, 2007

Interim Report on MEPI
United States, Jan 10, 2007

Look Forward, Not Back
Netherlands, Dec 02, 2006

Americans Engage in Dialogue in Jerusalem
Israel, Oct 22, 2006

Solution to Middle East conflict requires new global strategy, French President tells UN
United States, Sep 19, 2006

A Call for Peace in the Middle East
United States, Aug 02, 2006

"HALELU", a Cantata for Peace Is Recorded in Israel
Israel, Jul 25, 2006

UN Secretary-General Says 'Immediate Cessation Of Hostilities' Needed In Lebanon
United States, Jul 20, 2006

MEPI Leaders Seek Solutions to Middle East Crisis
United States, Jul 19, 2006

Building Bridges between Austria and Palestine
Austria, Jul 16, 2006

Middle East Peace Initiative in Jordan
Jordan, Jun 22, 2006

Hebrew Version of Shi?ite Passion Play Premiers in Jerusalem
Israel, Jun 01, 2006

Reflections on the 2nd Jewish-Christian Dialogue of the Middle East Peace Initiative
Jordan, Jun 01, 2006

The Amman Proclamation
Jordan, May 23, 2006

Statement of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace: IIFWP and Islam
United States, Sep 01, 2005

The Question of Palestine Today
France, Jul 13, 2005

Designee of Palestinian Prime Minister Qurei Calls for PLO Negotiation with Israel
Israel, May 16, 2005

The Jerusalem Peace Commitment
Israel, May 15, 2005

Druze Community Hosts Middle East Peace Initiative at Interfaith Symposium in Carmel, Israel
Israel, May 14, 2005

Israeli opinion leaders call for ?separate beds? in a dysfunctional marriage
Israel, May 13, 2005

177 leaders, clergy from 27 countries confer on interfaith peace in Jerusalem
Israel, May 12, 2005

MEPI Photos
Israel, May 12, 2005

Program Contents
United States, May 09, 2005

Middle East Peace Initiative, Amman Conference March 30 ? 31, 2005
Jordan, Mar 31, 2005

The Role of Jordan: Realizing Enduring Peace in the Middle East
Jordan, Mar 31, 2005

The Jerusalem Post - Interfaith Sessions Mark 9/11 Here
Israel, Sep 11, 2004

Three Abrahamic Faiths Candlelight Vigil and Prayer Commemorating September 11
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

Yad Vashem Repentance and Forgiveness Ceremony
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

Bridge of Peace Ceremony
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

Peace March
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

"Heart to Heart" Cultural Evening of Peace
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

UPI - Use Religion to Advance Peace, IIFWP Says
Israel, Sep 10, 2004

Israel Photos
Israel, Jul 07, 2004

April Report from the Middle East Region
Jordan, May 19, 2004

Report from the Middle East Region
Lebanon, May 17, 2004

Women Walk For Peace In Jerusalem : Invitation
United States, May 05, 2004

The Israeli-Palestinian Crisis: US Leadership and the Prospects for Reconciliation, Non-Violence Approach to Resolving the Crisis
United States, Apr 29, 2004

UPI Report on the Middle East
Israel, Apr 05, 2004

The Risk of Peace
Israel, Dec 31, 2003

Roundtable Sessions
Israel, Dec 23, 2003

Plenary II and Closing Banquet
Israel, Dec 23, 2003

March and Rally Photographs
Israel, Dec 22, 2003

International Symposium Keynote Address
Israel, Dec 21, 2003

Plenary I Photographs
Israel, Dec 19, 2003

Heart-to-Heart For Peace in the Middle East
United States, Dec 15, 2003

Mancham back from Washington DC's forum
Seychelles, Mar 10, 2003

IIFWP Middle East Peace Initiative: Arlington Resolution
United States, Mar 02, 2003

Beyond Co-Existence in the Middle East
United States, Mar 02, 2003

Excerpts Of Delegates' Comments And Reflections On The IIFWP Middle East Peace Initiative
United States, Mar 02, 2003

Roundtable Discussion: Religion and Peace in the Middle East
United States, Feb 28, 2003

Chairman's Address
United States, Feb 27, 2003

The Middle East in Crisis
United States

Ambassador for Peace from Pakistan speaks to Muslims across USA

Excerpts Of Delegates? Comments and Reflections
United States




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