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Statement of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace: IIFWP and Islam
New York, United States
September 1, 2005

PDF file available for download in: Arabic, English

The Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) is an educational, non-governmental organization with Special Consultative Status in the United Nations? Economic and Social Council. IIFWP is dedicated to promoting peace. Its founding motto is ?The hope of all ages is a unified world of peace.?

IIFWP is represented in over 150 countries. Programs include peace initiatives, conferences and seminars, character education, HIV/AIDS prevention, relief work and social service projects, sporting and cultural events, and more.

IIFWP activists and associates are known as Ambassadors for Peace (AP?s). Ambassadors for Peace come from all arenas of human enterprise including religion, politics and public service, education, media, economics, science and engineering, arts and entertainment, and more. AP?s include prominent leaders from all faiths. AP?s collaborate on the path of respect, reconciliation, harmony, and cooperation among people of all religions, races, nationalities and cultures, for the sake of world peace.

IIFWP is founded by Dr. Sun Myung Moon, a lifelong advocate and pioneer in the arena of interreligious cooperation and harmony. Dr. Moon?s August 2000 speech at the United Nations called for the establishment of an interreligious council within the United Nations. In that speech he advised, ?World peace can be fully accomplished only when the world?s religious leaders [unite for the sake of the world and] work cooperatively and respectfully with national leaders.?

IIFWP fully respects all world religions. The position of IIFWP on the Qur?an and the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), is guided by the Muslim Muftis, Sheikhs, Imams and Muslim leaders who are IIFWP Ambassadors for Peace. IIFWP does not have a ?view on Islam? as though from outside Islam. Rather, among the IIFWP Ambassadors for Peace are devout Muslims who contribute to the vision and work of IIFWP. IIFWP Ambassadors for Peace include leaders from every religion. IIFWP?s core values are fully consistent with Islamic teaching.

Some of the greatest Muslim leaders of our age inform and guide the IIFWP. They continue to guide the IIFWP and its predecessor organizations in a tradition of respectful cooperation that dates back nearly 30 years.
Under the guidance of its founder, and in harmony with guidance from religious leaders from all faiths, IIFWP advocates theism, spiritual growth, good works for the benefit of all humanity, eternal life, and the existence of the spiritual world.

Three core principles guide the IIFWP:

  1. God is one

  2. The human family is one

  3. Human life should be characterized by living for the sake of others.

The IIFWP does not practice conversion, and never has. IIFWP calls upon every person to exemplify the highest ideals and practices in his or her own tradition. Some AP?s follow the path of spiritual growth guided by Dr. Moon, just as others follow Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Sikh, or other established paths of spiritual growth. IIFWP never excludes or negatively judges any person of conscience and good will. IIFWP is an organization of peace, compassion, and cooperation.

Muslim IIFWP leaders define the organization?s understanding of Islam. Additionally, the treasures of the Muslim faith inform the positive forward movement of the IIFWP as a peace-seeking organization.

The work of the IIFWP in the Middle East is guided intimately by leaders from the religions of the region.

The IIFWP holds that the family is a Divine institution and as such it should be the wellspring of ethics and morality that can create a peaceful world. There ought never be sexual relations before marriage or outside of marriage.

IIFWP believes that true peace is characterized by justice.

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