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Character Education Initiative

Character education is an area of growing interest and popularity. Concerned parents, community leaders, and educators are beginning to realize that conventional education is incomplete when it comes to nurturing the character and personality of students. At the same time, political, social, and religious leaders are also recognizing that to achieve genuine peace in the world, we must nurture societies full of people with good characters. As a result of the inspiration and thought of these concerned individuals, a movement has sprung up focused on character formation in our children and youth.

There is a wide array of programs and curricula to choose from. Each has certain strengths as well as limitations. In evaluating and assessing these diverse programs, UPF has decided that a prototype program and curriculum that can be utilized around the world is needed--a program where universal values and characteristics are taught in a format that can be adapted to different countries' cultural heritages. It is with that spirit and heart that the UPF Character Education Initiative has been created.

Click here to learn more about UPF's Character Education Curriculums.

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