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Recognizing that human minds, hearts, consciousness and culture are shaped by all that we see, hear, and learn through the media of mass communications. So much of the work of peace-making is dependent upon the capacity to provide truthful, non-prejudicial, principled information and content in responsible ways not only to world leaders, but to the widest possible audience. This committee will explore the ways in which the media can function professionally, and with integrity as an instrument of peace.  

Affiliated Organization
The World Media Association
World Media Association is an international organization providing a forum for self-examination for media professionals and opinion leaders in order for them to achieve the highest standard of journalistic ethics and responsibility.
The World Media Association believes that as the ones whose profession is communication the media have a special obligation to use the full extent of its abilities and influence to encourage this pursuit in order that each generation may bequeath to its children a better, safer world than it has known.














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