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Alliance for Recovery
The UPF is determined to help people everywhere get back on their feet after a disaster, whether natural or man made. We partner with other organizations to effect lasting community change. In the United States our list of potential includes the Points of Light Foundation and the ambassadors for peace initiative, and more.

Religious Youth Service: Two Decades of Promoting Interfaith Cooperation
Since 1985, the Religious Youth Service (RYS) has provided more then 120 communities in 43 nations with a model of peace building through its inter-religious service programs. The RYS model of service includes living together as a religiously and culturally diverse community dedicated to the basic spiritual principle of living for the sake of others. The RYS community presents to “communities of need” their volunteer service and a substantial example of fruitful cooperation. This model is extremely important in helping people to heal past wounds and gain their own vision of how to rebuild their communities.

For nearly two decades the RYS has been training young adults to be global citizens and many of its current staff are people who have been nurtured by and have grown through their participation in its programs and are playing significant roles as community and national-level change-makers. The RYS often links its work and educational programs with successful local and national organizations both small and large such as Caritas, the Red Cross and the IRFF. RYS often extends partnerships of cooperation with various ministries and municipalities in the government sector.

For more information, please visit the RYS website at:

International Relief Friendship Foundation
IRFF's work has covered many areas of social concern. Major projects, though, have emphasized the areas of (a) healthcare and nutrition, (b) education - including general literacy, education, vocational and agricultural education, and (c) immediate relief for catastrophic events. IRFF has also sponsored seminars, public information programs and training sessions to educate the public about humanitarian needs, the reality of relief work worldwide, and how to develop a service-minded program in one's own community.

For more information, please visit the IRFF website at:

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