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Click here for updates on the IPSF 2007
Click here for updates on the IPSF 2007

The International Peace Sports Festival (IPSF) is an annual global interfaith and intercultural athletic event. Young sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world attend IPSF in the spirit of cooperation and compete as representatives of their religion, culture and nation. During the Festival athletes will have opportunities to take part in cultural programs, educational workshops and service projects. These activities contribute to the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Pelé, the Former Minister of Sports for Brazil has acknowledged that the “Sports Festival is offering sports as a way to promote friendship and peace. This is an excellent opportunity for young athletes of all cultures to contribute to building a spirit of peace” The Interreligious Peace Sports Festival appeals to athletes to use and invest their talents to go beyond competitive excellence in sports, creating unique opportunities that promote greater global understanding.

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The Peace Cup was born out of a desire to overcome ideological differences among nations, and bridge races and religions. The Peace Cup wishes to unite all people of the world in the name of football, a sport for peace. The tournament wishes to establish itself as a grand festival of true peace characterized by fair play and true sportsmanship. The gold of the peace cup is to harness the energy and splendor of football, the most popular international sport, to promote the unity of humankind and help realize world peace.

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