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CLUE (Creating Love & Uplifting Esteem): Student Book

The CLUE series is currently being revised.

This is a character education curriculum. The framework for this program is built around the abstinence education guidelines of the United States Congress. These guidelines were developed because the American government realized 40 years after the so-called Sexual Revolution that non-marital sex is devastating for individuals as well as for societies and nations.

In this UPF/IIFWP educational initiative the concept of living for others is woven into the very fiber of this program. In so doing, it builds good character while strengthening the mind with new and convincing arguments for the age-old question, “Why should sexuality be reserved for marriage?” In CLUE, we present the case for abstinence that goes beyond the basics of preventing diseases and avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

When arguments for abstinence are limited to these narrow concerns of self-interest, a higher vision of ourselves in relation to the world is lost. Promoting self-gain as the sole motivation for self-control weakens the greater and more convincing argument for abstinence. CLUE presents reasons that are based on the higher ideals of unselfishness which are rooted in the human spirit. In this way the philosophical reasoning for sexual self-control that underlies this program is abstinence for the sake of others.

Acquiring knowledge and learning skills are essential for building prosperous nations. For this reason, schools, colleges, universities and vocational institutions are built. But good character is more important, because selfishness will eventually undermine these other fundamentals of character building.

The family, therefore, is the single most indispensable educational institution of a nation. The family is the school of love; it’s where we should learn most effectively, and through first-hand experience, to live unselfishly. Loving families are not only essential for raising good children, they are also necessary for social development, nation-building and ultimately world peace.

Learning to live for the sake of others, the motto of IIFWP, also speaks to the issues of exploitation, child abuse and domestic violence. It’s central to tackling poverty, corruption and the pandemic of HIV/AIDS as well. When people care more for others than themselves, how can they be corrupt or exploitive, violent or unfaithful?

Clue Activity Book

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