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Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak

Chairman, Universal Peace Federation

I would first like to extend my appreciation to the leaders from the various spheres of life throughout the world for giving their testimonies on Reverend Moonís achievements based on their short or deep experience with him.

I have known Reverend Moon personally for forty-nine years. I can say without reservation that God is alive at the center of his life. He has built his life around fulfilling Godís will which is building the world of peace, the original ideal of creation. He is a man of sincerity and prayer. His habit is to begin each day with several hours of prayer and meditation. I have witnessed the intensity of his communication with God and the spiritual power that results from it.

For Reverend Moon, God is real and personal. He is the source of true love; and thus, he was compelled to create. That is because the ideal of true love cannot be fulfilled by God, the subject partner, on His own but only through an object partner. Humankind was created as the highest and most noble of all beings amid Godís creation. We are Godís children. God is the Creator and Parent of human beings.

Yet ever since the disobedience of the human ancestors, Godís heart has been filled with the unspeakable pain of a parent who has been rejected by his wayward children. Ever since this realization came to him decades ago, Reverend Moon has never been able to pray without tears. The image of the man that is most deeply engraved on my heart is that of him kneeling in prayer, with tears streaming down his face. I know he weeps for the alleviation of the suffering of God and the suffering of the world.

From his youth, Rev. Moon spent years meditating and praying in the mountains of Korea, searching out the origin of the universe and the secrets of history. How can human beings restore their true relationship with God? How can people remove the thick black clouds of sin that bind them to selfish attitudes and destructive acts, causing continual misery? How can they find their original selves immersed in love and harmony and create the kingdom of heaven on earth?

Through years of searching, Reverend Moon uncovered the fundamental truths about life, the universe, history and the spirit world. He unraveled the intricate knots tied by humankindís past mistakes in history. Overcoming numerous trials, he confronted satanic power head on. Thus he uncovered the universal law that could lead humanity out of the present darkness and into a brighter world.

The principle he uncovered told him that the way to establish goodness on earth was through suffering on the course of restoration through indemnity, and through sacrificial love and living for the sake of others. In order to realize his sublime vision of a unified world, he would have to take upon himself the burden of reconciliation, breaking down the many walls of division that have been hardened by a history of mistreatment and resentment. He would have to walk the way of a lonely pioneer.

Following this path, Rev. Moon suffered imprisonment and torture. In all, he was jailed six times, though he was innocent, in Japan, North Korea, South Korea and the United States. Yet, knowing that the path of restoration required the payment of such indemnity, he never wavered or recoiled from his suffering. Instead, he regarded it as the will of Heaven and submitted to it with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

In all my years with the man, I have never seen him depart from his intense commitment. He does not just live for the moment. In his mind is a profound sense of mission providential awareness and historical purpose.

The present materialistic age must yield to a new age of spirituality, one that is based on unselfish service to others, so Rev. Moon believes. He recognizes that this transformation cannot be effected by religious revival alone or by mere political and economic reforms. Rather, all fields of endeavor must join together to provide the spiritual, moral and intellectual leadership that is required in this age.

For this reason, Rev. Moonís achievements are not confined to religion but span every field: education, philosophy, science, religion, media, the arts, international affairs, technology, charitable work, the environment, families, womenís rights and youth. The titles of the organizations that he has founded repeatedly include such words as "world peace," "international" and "unification," reflecting his underlying motivation to establish Godís ideal. Each organization contributes in some way towards realizing the ideal of a unified, peaceful world centered on the one God.

Many people think it incredible that Rev. Moon should start so many works and achieve such solid results. The results grow out of his sublime vision. His thinking goes far beyond ordinary thinking, even looking to the fruits his actions might bear a hundred years or a thousand years into the future. His accomplishments are even more miraculous given the persecution under which he had to work.

I can honestly say that the power that pushed him onward is true love. Rev. Moon truly loves God, who longs for nothing more than to see humankind, His children, live in peace. He knows Godís heart of pain and sorrow on seeing His children living in misery, spiritually crippled, caught up in egoistic pursuits that lead them downward, blocked at every turn from realizing their hopes and dreams. He wants to comfort Godís heart, as any child would want to comfort a suffering parent.

Rev. Moon also has true love for people. He feels responsible as a parent to feed the hungry, free those oppressed by tyranny, and enable the poor to live with self-sufficiency and dignity. Out of true love, he determines to take responsibility and take action for situations that others cannot imagine dealing with. He does not hesitate to love even those individuals and groups that have persecuted him over the years. Why? Because he is the True Parent. He knows they oppose him out of ignorance. He loves all people with a parental heart.

Before Rev. Moon asks others to do some difficult task, he feels the responsibility to do it himself. Time after time, he sets the example as a pioneer. Only then does he ask others to take up the task. This is another example of the heart of a True Parent.

As I offer these testimonies to Rev. Moonís works before Heaven, I feel sorry that I cannot more completely introduce his great accomplishments. I hope that readers will want to study more deeply about his philosophy personality, and lifestyle. Truly he is King of Peace


Presented on Reverend Moonís 88th birthday

Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak

Chairman, Universal Peace Federation



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