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H.E. Rahim Husseinov

Prime Minister, Azerbaijan (1992-93)


he United Nations decreed the year 2001 as the "International Year of Volunteers." In that landmark year, as the former-Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I was invited to one of the summit conferences of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. The Federation marked the second anniversary of its founding by a man who is well known for his unwavering resolve and his fighting spirit, a proponent of the idea of unity among all peoples, nations and religions in the name of world peace—the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

It was in the 1970s when I came to hear about the inestimable dedication of Dr. Moon for the sake of strengthening and enhancing friendship among peoples. I heard that through his teachings we can facilitate resolving and sublimating ethnic tensions in our world today and prevent such conflicts from breaking out all around the globe.

To get to know and to relate with such a world level-figure is truly a comprehensive education which should endure to the end of one’s days. In 2001 I had the good fortune to become acquainted with this truly great person and have substantial dialogue with him about the prospects for furthering the development of his peace efforts.

During the breakup of the Soviet Union and in the process of attaining independence, Azerbaijan experienced all the horrors of armed conflicts, as expressed, most painfully in the wholesale destruction of the biological, intellectual and cultural treasures and even the gene pool of our nation. The idea of creating an innovative model of good governance and demonstrating the realistic and practical potential and the effectiveness of interreligious and interethnic cooperation for resolving critical problems in the society, nation and world indeed offers a basis for realizing genuine peace on our planet.

Dr. Moon has been uniting men and women of good will and world leaders whose lives serve as an example of protecting the lives of others, reaching out beyond racial, ethnic and religious barriers to promote peace. In 2001 I was appointed as an Ambassador of Peace. Following the guidelines of Dr. Moon, the Ambassadors for Peace have been campaigning for inter­religious and interethnic tolerance, respect, harmony and cooperation. We are in principle opposed to any sort of violent methods, regardless of under whose flag they are being conducted. Violence cannot liberate but only enslave people. For this reason, upholding today the principle of nonviolence and the cause of human emancipation, we must issue a fundamental call for harmonious mutual relations among nations and peoples, sovereign powers, and citizens themselves.

Dr. Moon teaches that righteousness is an essential and universal guideline and an ideological criterion, providing a measure for the conformity, appropriateness, balance and harmony between the actions of a person and the responses to these on the part of the society, its organizations, institutions and individuals, which may be manifest in the form of either rewards or punishments as well as judgments in regard to such actions.

The experience of recent years shows us that the Universal Peace Federation, with its close ties to the United Nations and to governments throughout the world, is indeed facilitating the resolution of actual issues in international relations and in human development, by averting ethnic and religious conflicts. All of this is enabling positive development of cultures and dialogue among civilizations.

Dr. Moon has proclaimed "The Era of the Peace Kingdom." Clearly this is a new road for humanity to take on its way toward achieving and preserving peace in our world.

We should remember at all times that the Lord God created this earth with all its wonderful gifts for the sake of people who are capable of thinking. Then let us use our minds constructively, in order that our planet will blossom in its full potential, and that we people can begin to live in peace and prosperity at last!




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