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H.E. Annette Hsiu-lien Lu

Vice President, Taiwan


wish to convey my profound respect to Rev. Sun Myung Moon for his tremendous efforts to foster the spirit of peace and cooperation in this world filled with conflict. I also wish to congratulate him for his promotion of religious harmony and the unity of women leaders from different fields as a part of his initiatives for world peace.

I had the honor of meeting with Rev. and Mrs. Moon in Taiwan during their 120-nation world peace tour in 2005. I was deeply impressed to see the loving relationship between Rev. Moon and his wife, and I was also inspired to learn of Rev. Moon's effort in "rebuilding morals and ethics" and "rebuilding families." Rev. Moon shared that people can restore their character and integrity only by uniting their mind and body centered on God. Once a personís character and integrity are restored, then a peaceful and happy family as well as society can be rebuilt. Only then can our vision of world peace be realized.

His thought exemplifies exactly and perfectly the traditional Confucian philosophy of "cultivating your integrity first, building your family second, serving your nation third and bringing peace to the world." I also admire Mrs. Moonís courage and her devotion for the work of world peace. As a mother of fourteen children, she has made great achievement not only in her family, in her nation but also in the world.

About thirty years ago, I initiated the womenís movement in Taiwan to advocate a new feminism. Despite the many tragedies that have befallen me since then, I continue to stand up for gender equality. I believe that some of the worst problems in todayís society are caused by the disintegration of traditional social and cultural values, a phenomenon I describe as the "social and cultural landslides" in Taiwan. Corruption of traditional values severely damaged the conventional morals and ethics that once bound our families and society together. As women began to participate on more equal footing with men in every area of society, development of a proper perspective on gender ethics in the twenty-first century has become a very serious topic. In my dictionary of feminism, the virtues of women are beauty, mercy and wisdom. In order to make the best of the feminine nature in this global village, I have been urging my fellow women to concern themselves not just with domestic and national affairs but with international issues as well.

Rev. Moon recognizes the unifying power of women and uses it in his work to bring peace to the world. Since I became the vice president, I have devoted even greater effort to promoting the use of "soft power," including human rights, democracy, peace, love and technological progress. I believe that Taiwan, as the pivot point of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, is a force for peace and soft power, rather than a cause for war and hard power in the region.

I want to offer my deep gratitude to Rev. and Mrs. Moon for their contribution in our country and around the world towards the goal of world peace. I am pleased to use this occasion to express my personal respect for them and my best wishes for their continued success in bringing peace and prosperity to the world. The tireless work of Rev. and Mrs. Moon makes them truly the cradle and wellspring for world peace!


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