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H.E. Mario Echandi

President, Costa Rica (1958-62)


am given the opportunity to remember some passages of the life of this great and splendid man, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. His life is permanently devoted to doing good to his fellow men, and of pursuing the spiritual over the material. It is the life of a man with an exquisite interpretation of the Bible that enabled him to find the path to bring us to communion with God.

Since he was very young all his actions and creations have been fundamentally directed to seeking world peace and to further the unity and harmony of human beings under Godís law. He strengthened his intellect by studying electrical engineering at Waseda University in Japan; but this did not prevent him from struggling against communism, not only for what it was in itself, but also because it was an assault on world peace.

This struggle led to his being arrested, tortured and imprisoned in 1946 in Pyongyang and 1948 in Hungnam, North Korea. He was freed in 1950 by the United Nationsí forces. Torture and imprisonment drew him nearer to God. Not only did he give advice to the prison inmates, but he also stated: "I have never prayed out of weakness, I have never asked for help. How could I tell God my Father about my suffering and grieve His heart even further?"

In prison, no tears welled up, no words came out of his mouth to beg forgiveness or to insult his detractors. What a constructive behavior to inspire his deeds on earth! In 1954 he founded the Unification movement that has spread over six continents and more than 163 countries spreading his teaching called the Divine Principle.

Gentlemen, what else can be asked of this struggle in the quest for the good of mankind? Thanks, Rev. Moon, for having founded the International Federation for the Victory Over Communism. One of the largest gathering of all time, 1,200,000 people, took place in Seoul, Korea, at the "World Meeting for the Freedom of Korea" [1975].

In order to bring the ideas of Godism and victory over communism to all the inhabitants of the world, he founded newspapers, cultural associations and schools in different countries. What I have mentioned serves the simple purpose of remembering some of the many, many things created by Rev. Moon so that his fellowmen can study, get nearer to God, love peace, and work for the common good.

The work of Rev. Moon is significant for all the Americas. As a Korean, Rev. Moon has endured the suffering of a divided nation. Yet he has reached out beyond Korea, so that we of the Americas might know how to avoid a similar suffering. For this I am deeply grateful.

Visiting the companies founded by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, I came to appreciate their uncanny business ability; and visiting their home, I observed the behavior of their family and came to understand their love, parenthood and advice in the creation of this exceptionally beautiful family. In studying his good advice or reading his proposals, I have felt a deep obligation and duty to follow this man of God.



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