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H.E. Ochirbat Punsalmaa

First President, Mongolia (1991-97)


andwiched between two giant countries, Russia and China, Mongolia is most sensitive to any reforms or changes. In 1921, Mongolia became the second communist country, with support from the Soviet Union. During its seventy years of communism, Mongolia’s history has both black and white pages. The white pages were about our ordinary people, who are well skilled, literate and living safely and healthily. The black pages were about many intellectual people exercising force and killing the innocent. Thirty thousand monks were killed, and seven hundred temples were destroyed, due to denial of religion in the communist regime. As a result, our precious historical, cultural and intellectual heritage disappeared.

When the communist regime collapsed and reform started in 1990, Mongolia was the first Asian country to change into a democratic country with a free-market economy and an open society. Mongolia is old in terms of its history and origin; on the other hand, Mongolia is young in terms of its alignment with modern developments and its reformation.

I was the first president of Mongolia in its democratic youth of 1991-97, and I led my nation in making a peaceful transition. During this time of promoting the nation’s political and economic stability, I received the first representatives of Dr. Sun Myung Moon, the champion for world peace, in the Government Palace in March 1994. I remember the event as clearly as if it had happened yesterday. This is how the Unification movement, which had already reached a worldwide level within forty years of its inception, started in Mongolia.

We Mongolians have honored peace and harmony from ancient times; not only do we support good ideas and deeds of peace but we also become deeply involved in them. In keeping with this tradition, I welcomed Dr. Moon’s peace initiative at the state level.

Dr. Moon clarified the meaning of human life and discovered righteous patterns for overcoming the problems the world is facing. Having attended many international and national activities initiated by Dr. Moon and listened to his speeches, I whole-heartedly support his core teaching that if we perfect ourselves as individuals then we can establish sound families, which are the root of world peace. Chingis Khan emphasized the family when he established a powerful state and conquered half of the world in the thirteenth century. He said:

First strengthen your individual being

And establish a strong family;

Then attend to state affairs.

To "strengthen your individual being" means to have a generous heart of compassion and love, to respect one’s elders and care for those who are younger, to carefully learn everything, and to become a humble, wise person. To "establish a strong family" signifies that husband and wife ought to make harmony and unity with each other, raise their children righteously, and be a model couple in front of their children, and create a peaceful family. Only then can one attend to the affairs of state and devote one’s self to the public welfare.

Having such a tradition, Mongolians readily accept Dr. Moon’s teaching about family and peace in these complicated times. The decline of the family in Western society affects our young generation. Many young people, under the banner of freedom and democracy, exercise their free will and ignore their tradition and parents’ teaching. Their involvement in free sex, drug abuse and crimes threatens the nation’s future.

Dr. Moon teaches people to keep their purity before marriage, be faithful to their husband or wife, and create an ideal family nurtured by true love. This is to be the root of a healthy society, sound nation and peaceful world. Three thousand young Mongolians are involved in educational programs initiated by Dr. Moon. I believe that to help young people become capable and moral leaders is a significant investment in a nation’s future. I had many opportunities to meet the youth who follow Dr. Moon’s teaching and practice it in their daily life. I was inspired by the high, moral conscience, positive attitude and creativity that they gained from the wise teachings of their respected teacher, Dr. Moon. I hope that they will become good leaders of the nation as well as of the world.

Another core teaching of Dr. Moon is to live for the sake of others. This principle is especially critical for leaders of any nation. Some leaders prioritize their self-interest above public interest, especially during transition periods from one regime to the other. It is no secret that people say that some leaders are easily bribed and misuse public property, even in our country. This problem stems directly from the human mind and heart, which should think of others and live first for the sake of others rather than thinking of themselves.

Dr. Moon has been calling together conscientious leaders whose hearts and minds are devoted to living for the sake of others and appointing them as Ambassadors for Peace. Seven hundred Mongolian Ambassadors for Peace represent each aspect of society. To encourage leaders from around the world to work together for peace and harmony is a brilliant idea. It enlists people who recognize God as the ultimate truth and the origin of peace and goodness and strengthens their commitment to live for the sake of others, establish a sound family, healthy society, strong nation and peaceful world.

I believe that Dr. Moon shows the best example of living for the sake of others. At one conference, he asked those present, "Do you think I am the richest person in the world? I do not have any single coin in my pocket. I spend all the money that I earn for the well-being of humanity and for world peace." The more he spends for public benefit without any expectation of receiving something in return, the richer he becomes. I realized this is evidence of a universal principle that everything exists interdependently in harmony. Dr. and Mrs. Moon are rich, not in material wealth but in being surrounded by people who appreciate their life for others. They came to be called True Parents of humanity, the King and Queen of Peace, because they taught people to live for the sake of others.

Our ancestors taught us to love the person who does not like us. My father-in-law, Mr. Sharav Sambuu, taught me the same thing. Dr. Moon never attempted to fight his attackers or give up on a situation. Instead, following his principle of loving his enemies, he was able to embrace those who opposed him. He is a true man, with a generous heart of love, compassion and forgiveness. His tremendous endurance embodies a Mongolian saying, "If you are righteous, you will catch the rabbit even if you are riding on a cattle cart." No matter how dark it may be, the truth always pierces the darkness and illuminates it.

More than political, economic, or academic measures, the press has the most immediate impact on our society. Therefore, the media need to be responsible, and responsible media should be free, independent and moral. Dr. Moon emphasizes the moral responsibility of the media. In 1996, when Mongolia was a young democracy, he donated a full-capacity printing press to the Government News, the biggest newspaper. Renamed Millennium News, it is one of the major free daily newspapers, and the printing press is still in use.

Dr. Moon’s proposal to establish an interreligious council of rep­resentatives from different religions and areas of society deserves serious consideration as a way to change the current situation of the UN. Many countries, including Mongolia, support this.

Dr. Moon established the Mongolian Peoples’ Federation for World Peace in 2004 as the partner of the Universal Peace Federation. Seventy-four percent of the world’s population was born with the Mongolian blue birthmark, indicating a common origin. Dr. Moon initiated the federation to draw on the common heritage of culture, tradition and ways of thinking as tools for making one unified peaceful world. Mongolians desire to be a leading force to make this vision for peace a substantial reality.

In the morning mist, everything is dim, and we cannot see nature clearly. By analogy, human life is dimmed by many misunderstandings, conflicts, problems and confusion, and we cannot see clearly the right way to go. In the misty morning of Korea, 300 international delegates headed to Cheong Pyeong and saw the Peace Palace appearing. Dr. Moon built the Peace Palace as a setting where peacemaking world leaders in fields such as politics, religion, culture, science and media can discuss global problems, consult with each other, and find wise solutions. Its design represents the harmonious relationships between God and human beings as well as between heaven and earth. The museum documents how Dr. Moon started the global peace movement with a few loyal followers in a mud and cardboard hut. Display cases show the thin trousers that were his prison uniforms, culminating in him being welcomed and respected by people throughout the world and hosting us in this exquisite Peace Palace. He has truly become a great man of peace.

It was a moving experience to hear him say, "My life cannot be imagined without God. I started everything from the bottom under the direct guidance of God." He always teaches us to "Love your nation, love humanity and love God." He discovered that the more you love others, the more you are loved by them. Dr. Moon has been striving for world peace throughout his life by the power of true love. I believe that his efforts will succeed because love conquers all barriers.


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