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Hon. Matt Salmon

US Congressman (1995-2001)

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible talks about prophets in the last days. It says "by their fruits ye shall know them." Over the past fifteen years, I have become intimately aware of the efforts of Rev. Moon to address world peace with a multi-faceted agenda. I have been thoroughly moved and impressed with each meeting I have had with Rev. Moon and his efforts to unite people of all faiths, nationalities, and cultures toward a common goal. In the political arena, it is common to meet people on the world’s stage who have hidden agendas. Many people speak, but their actions do not speak those words. Rev. Moon is a refreshing exception, in that I have always believed his motives to be pure, his faith unwavering, and his uncommon work ethic to be unsurpassed.

My first experience with this movement was at one of its leadership institutes in Washington, D.C., when I was first elected to the Arizona State Senate. At that three-day conference, I was thoroughly impressed with the commitment by Rev. Moon toward patriotism and freedom and many of the philosophical jewels that I cherished then and value even more now. I was curious why a religious leader would put such value on things that many in the religious community view as secular. I quickly came to learn how Rev. Moon believes that all things, including political and secular, come under the umbrella of the grace of God. Furthermore, I came to learn that he has a keen understanding that freedom and worship go hand in hand. To work toward the improvement of earthly governments only furthers the work in building the Kingdom of God. Rev. Moon has a deep understanding that character and leadership should be synonymous.

I marvel how a man such as Rev. Moon could face the persecution and skepticism from worldly governments and still maintain such a guileless, loving approach in dealing with his detractors. His ability to love and forgive his enemies has been a tremendous inspiration to me as I have faced far less from my detractors over the course of my life in politics. He truly understood the phrase, "turn the other cheek, and love those that despitefully use you," more than any man that I have had the privilege of meeting in my lifetime.

In virtually every Ms. America competition, contestants identify their top project as the accomplishment of world peace. Countless world politicians have uttered the same phrase to please their constituents because it is a noble idea. However, few have any legitimate clue as to how to accomplish such a noble yet insurmountable undertaking.

Rev. Moon has come up with the most common-sense platform of accomplishing world peace that I have heretofore seen. His plan, simply put, is embodied in the phrase, "I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care." He has learned that world leaders have a hard time in negotiating peace compacts because they all have a very complicated constituency to please. And the kind of sharp rhetoric and political posturing that gets people elected are big detractors in the peace process.

His novel approach is to carry no hidden agenda and the only real agenda is peace. He has built his credibility by truly forgiving and truly loving and truly envisioning everyone as God’s children. With this approach people sense his sincerity and his realness and his clear sense of purpose. This allows him to reach the unreachable and to bring parties together who otherwise would have never come. I believe that his efforts are succeeding because love does have a way of conquering barriers. In the Book of Mark, Jesus said, "All things are possible to he that believeth." I believe that peace is attainable. I know that Rev. Moon believes it is possible and many more will be brought to that belief because of his great efforts.


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