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H.E. Aziz Sidky

Prime Minster, Egypt (1972-73)

I have attended a number of events generously supported by Rev. Sun Myung Moon through the last few years. At each of the events I have had the pleasure to meet and to break bread with him and to see his vision and talent at work. I have met a vast number of leaders of the highest caliber from around the world who with utmost sincerity gathered together to discuss issues of immediate and current importance. We have met in many cities and countries around the world including Seoul, Moscow, Paris, the Middle East, and Washington, D.C. We have dealt with issues such as the environment, conflict resolution, diplomacy, trade and peace. Always, the quality of participation and depth of discussions have equaled if not surpassed what is occurring in the United Nations, the Organization of American States, or NATO.

The man behind this astonishing movement is Rev. Moon. Since his early youth in his native country of Korea, he has been a voice for justice and faith. He has championed the true brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. He has mediated conflicts and embraced those separated by different creeds. He has created many organizations earnestly working toward the solution and elimination of conflict. His goal is nothing less than a totally unified and harmonious world.

In his long and distinguished public career, the areas of his activity are so plentiful that it becomes impossible to list them. This extraordinary individual has started a great number of publications; newspapers of high significance, including, of course, The Washington Times; multiple ecumenical and theological movements; academic and scientific efforts; and not to mention the hundreds of commercial and industrial corporations employing thousands of people.

Rev. Moon, in my humble opinion, represents a powerful force—a force of good—devoted to the defense of moral principles, to the promotion of the Kingdom of God, and to the name of peace and fraternity among nations, peoples, and individual human beings under the paternity of God.

The life events of Rev. Moon are well known—his birth in Korea, his education in Korea and Japan, his life devoted to the eternal, his vision and spirituality, his missionary work in more than 185 territories and countries, his imprisonments and tortures, and his constant evangelization and untiring pastoral work.

It is not possible to introduce Rev. Moon in an adequate way without making a special mention of his extraordinary, loving and sacrificing wife, Hak Ja Han, and his children and grandchildren.

As its founder, Rev. Moon can be proud of the fact that the Unification movement has always been free from racism, discrimination and prejudice and that it has opened the doors for communication and friendship between the yellow, white and black races and among the different peoples, ethnic groups and nationalities, as well as the languages, cultures and civilizations. His fundamental belief in the power of sacrificial love has overcome all obstacles and transcended all borders.




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