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  7.1 Dr. Hang Hyung Lee
  7.2 Dr. Tor Ragnar Gerholm
  7.3 Dr. Morton A. Kaplan
  7.4 Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez
  7.5 Sir John Eccles [1903-97], Nobel Laureate, Physiology
  7.6 Dr. Friedrich von Hayek [1889-1992], Nobel Laureate, Economics
  7.7 Dr. Eugene P. Wigner [1902-95], Nobel Laureate, Physics
  7.8 Dr. Petr Nikolayev
  7.9 Arnaud de Borchgrave
  7.10 President Ronald Reagan [1911-2004]
  7.11 President George H.W. Bush
  7.12 Hon. Jae Ho Jeong
  7.13 Oscar Fernando
  7.14 Dr. Ruta Pels
  7.15 Prof. Hermenegilde Rwantabagu
  7.16 Paula Sotutu
  7.17 Dr. Vigintas-Stepas Domkus
  7.18 Dr. Ion Cuzuioc
  7.19 Prof. Abunabi Sattorzoda
  7.20 Armindo Augusto de Abreu
  7.21 Hon. Fortuna Anthony-Husbands
  7.22 Dr. Roberto Emilio Bailly Andersen Cavalcanti
  7.23 Ambassador D. L. Mendis
  7.24 Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky
  7.25 Dr. Juozas Satas
  7.26 Dr. Victor Andreyevich Tumanov
  7.27 Dr. Eva Latham
  7.28 Dr. Min Ha Kim
  7.29 Dr. Emmanuel Bandouvas
  7.30 Dr. Chil Bok Hwang
  7.31 Dr. Cheryl Lau
  7.32 Hon. Mamoru Nakajima
  7.33 Dr. Tamaz Tavadze
  7.34 Prof. Giovanni Palmerio
  7.35 John Haydon
  7.36 Guus Hiddink
  7.37 Gen. Seon Min Lee
  7.38 Hon. Tsai-Fang Lee
  7.39 Hon. Jarbas Passarinho
  7.40 Dr. Yourie Pankratz
  7.41 Dr. Marko Tarle
  7.42 Ambassador K. V. Rajan
  7.43 Stasys Stungurys
  7.44 Dr. Eliezer Glaubach-Gal
  7.45 Hon. Jaromír Kohlíček
  7.46 Hon. In’am As’ad Qaddourah Al-Mufti
  7.47 Gen. Mansour Mustafa Abu Rashid
  7.48 Dr. Ghazi Tayyeb
  7.49 Dr. Ivan Kaltchev
  7.50 Galina A. Kharitonova
  7.51 Prof. Noel Dossou-Yovo
  7.52 Rev. T.L. Barrett
  7.53 Dr. Cecil Murray
  7.54 Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
  7.55 Dr. Edvardas Rudys
  7.56 Hon. Leons Bojars
  7.57 Dr. Artur Artemyev
  7.58 Marat Yegorov
  7.59 Dr. Donatus B. Ngala
  7.60 Dr. A.B.T. Byaruhanga-Akiiki
  7.61 Hon. Engohang Obiang Gaston
  7.62 Rev. Mark Farr
  7.63 Chief Segun Olusola
  7.64 Dr. Yamba Elie Ouédraogo
  7.65 Dr. Evelyn S. Kandakai
  7.66 Hon. Iso Iriarte
  7.67 Dr. Rouchdy Saleh
  7.68 Amb. Johnson Toribiong
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Gen. Seon Min Lee

President, UPF Peace Force, Korea


veryone in the human race wishes for peace. However, peace does not come unless people are willing to put their own lives on the line. Having passed through two World Wars, humanity came to thirst for peace more than anything else.

Rev. Moon envisions a "peace force" that can be sent to places around the world where there is conflict and work in innovative ways to resolve these conflicts. UN troops started out as a global peace force but were unable to complete their task; the Korean War was one example. UN troops have been dispatched as "peace-keeping troops" to regions of conflict around the world, but oftentimes they use military force, which results in even more fierce bloody conflicts. Thus, in reality, UN troops are not effective in resolving regional problems.

Rev. Moon stresses the need for a peace force that educates and serves people in the spirit of true love without violence. He first announced this in the Ukraine on October 20, 2005, during his world tour inaugurating the Universal Peace Federation. He commissioned the first trainees on June 12, 2006, at Cheong Pyeong in South Korea.

Rev. Moon challenged the Universal Peace Federation to develop its capacity to respond when people ask for a task force to help bring peace. The peace force should fulfill the role of a sentinel, promoting peace and protecting life and property by giving people guidance about true love and helping them rise above conflict and selfishness. A true world is one that is filled with true individuals, true families and true nations. Thus, a peace force should educate and serve people, helping them turn away from violence, focus on true love and truth, and raise up individuals and families to be healthy and pure.

This term "true love" does not refer to love that seeks first to receive and be loved. Rather, it means love that seeks first to give for the whole and live for the sake of others. True love even forgets that it has given and continues to give out of joy.

People who live like this become the owners of true love and naturally promote peace. Those who do not possess such love are bound to create conflict and division rather than sacrificially serve for the benefit of others. If such people form a peace force and devote themselves to educating and serving humankind, world peace will naturally come.

A peace force can play a role like that of the red and white blood cells that supply nourishment and protection to our bodies. When conflicts and struggles arise in different parts of the world, a peace force can be dispatched to dissolve the conflicts through love and dialogue, thus building peace.

In order to spread this spirit of love and service throughout the world, this vision needs to be developed and implemented. Members of a peace force would be trained as elite contingents, full of conviction about peace and committed to keeping a healthy spirit and body so that they can fulfill their mission of securing peace when they are dispatched to a troubled region.

World peace begins from inner peace. If we do not have peace in our hearts, then peace will not come on other levels. The world peace espoused by the Universal Peace Federation starts from within ourselves. As more and more people catch this spirit and reach out in service to others across the globe, world peace will become more and more a substantial reality.


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