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  7.50 Galina A. Kharitonova
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Hon. Tsai-Fang Lee

Former Representative of the Taipei Mission in Korea


ev. Sun Myung Moon offers a reasonable and feasible proposal for world peace. Whether the issues that people face today, such as racial conflicts, peace in the Middle East and prevention of AIDS, can be solved is questioned by many people who feel helpless to confront them. Some people propose solutions, but these solutions do not address the root of the problems. Under such a situation, many people are taking note of the solutions proposed by Rev. Moon. To understand his proposals, first one has to realize the difficult course he has gone through and the source of his thinking.

Rev. Moon has been in prison six times. In North Korea, many prisoners betrayed their friends, as they could not stand the torture. They forsook their relatives and friends and left them to suffer adversity. While other prisoners grabbed food from the mouths of the dead, Rev. Moon shared half of his food with others. When other people despaired under hard physical labor, he was forming a blueprint for an ideal world and leading a life of worshipping God and loving people. He won an award for being a model laborer. He endured in silence when he was suffering religious oppression in the U.S., the land of freedom and democracy. Before he was released from prison, he won not only the respect of his companions in prison but also the support of a thousand religious leaders in the U.S. in his quest for justice. He desperately wanted to visit North Korea, where he had almost been killed. He was received by Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung as a national guest, proving that enemies can be turned into friends.

Today, Rev. Moon promotes many activities for world peace. The numerous global institutions that he founded to promote world peace are producing fruits of interreligious cooperation, improving the status of women, reconciling racial conflicts, enhancing the fairness and objectivity of the news media, and guiding adolescents as they establish their philosophy of life. The international marriages that he promotes will help future generations grow up in integrated cultures, minimize misunderstandings between peoples, reduce historical hatreds, and lead humankind on new and brighter paths.

He has devoted himself endlessly to regional peace in Northeast Asia by promoting talks between congressmen in North Korea and South Korea and many cooperative programs to help reconcile the differences of opinion on both sides through exchanges of groups such as the Little Angels Korean Folk Ballet. Through such activities he has promoted goodwill and the unification of North Korea and South Korea. In promoting peace across the Strait, he invested in the Panda Automobile Factory in China and established the International Educational Foundation. These are great contributions to economic development and education in China. In Taiwan, he has been promoting a movement for filial piety, fraternal duty and strengthening families. Such movements have brought significant changes in society.

In addition to the concrete results of promoting world peace, Rev. Moon has a very clear theoretical basis with comprehensive ideas and projects ranging from character education to promoting sound families, national prosperity and world peace. His teaching combines western Christian thinking with eastern Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist ideas in a very complete thought system. He emphasizes achieving world peace through ideal families and proposes a philosophy of mankind as one family under heaven. He stresses that three generations living together as one family is the cornerstone for building a perfect family, nation and world of peace. Since he combines western and eastern cultures, he has followers all over the world, and his promotion of world peace is gaining momentum and will become a giant wave in mankind’s promotion of world peace in the twenty-first century.

To foster young leaders, Rev. Moon established Sun Moon University in Korea and proposed a World University Federation with seventy major universities around the world. His promotion of interreligious exchange and cooperation is incomparable and unprecedented.

Rev. Moon is promoting UN reform, including a proposal for an interreligious council. Through assembling people beyond religious and national boundaries for the cause of peace, he is expediting the achievement of this ideal. In light of the current poor performance of the UN, his ideas have won support from all over the world. More­over, he proposed building a tunnel under the Bering Strait to connect Russia and Alaska. He believes that the military expenses of the war in Iraq are a complete waste and urges countries to invest instead in constructive projects such as the Bering Strait tunnel.

It is now the time for all the Chinese in the world, in conjunction with people of Mongolian heritage and religious people, to educate all people in the world to follow the sage of the era, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and become Ambassadors for Peace, spreading the light of love and truth and bringing true love, peace and new hope to everyone.



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