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  7.6 Dr. Friedrich von Hayek [1889-1992], Nobel Laureate, Economics
  7.7 Dr. Eugene P. Wigner [1902-95], Nobel Laureate, Physics
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  7.48 Dr. Ghazi Tayyeb
  7.49 Dr. Ivan Kaltchev
  7.50 Galina A. Kharitonova
  7.51 Prof. Noel Dossou-Yovo
  7.52 Rev. T.L. Barrett
  7.53 Dr. Cecil Murray
  7.54 Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
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  7.61 Hon. Engohang Obiang Gaston
  7.62 Rev. Mark Farr
  7.63 Chief Segun Olusola
  7.64 Dr. Yamba Elie Ouédraogo
  7.65 Dr. Evelyn S. Kandakai
  7.66 Hon. Iso Iriarte
  7.67 Dr. Rouchdy Saleh
  7.68 Amb. Johnson Toribiong
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Rev. T.L. Barrett

Pastor, Life Center Family Church of God in Christ, Chicago, Illinois, USA


fter three years of courtship, twenty-four years of marriage, and seven children, my wife Cleo and I separated. She divorced me five years later and remarried. We loved the Lord with all our hearts and had given our lives to Him through our ministry. But as in the case of so many couples in and out of the church, our marriage lost its way and fell victim to our own limitations and immaturities. Even though Cleo remarried, I never stopped thinking of her as my wife. But I was totally invested in my ministry in Chicago, and she was hundreds of miles away, moving on with her life.

When I encountered Father Moon’s teaching and example of True Parents I began to understand God’s ideal for the family and my own awareness of the purpose for marriage deepened. Every time I listened to his clear teachings on love, life, lineage, and the sanctity of marriage, my desire to be reunited with my wife, my true love, grew stronger.

But my support for his ministry of family renewal, racial reconciliation and religious unity brought criticism by some pastors in my community and some in the hierarchy of my church. I faced censure, condemnation, and even excommunication because I stood with him. I considered taking a less prominent role, but in prayer God told me that if I had the courage to stand with a man of God and for what I knew was right, He would bless me in a powerful way.

I will forever remember the night of March 3, 2001, after Rev. Moon’s speech at the Antioch Baptist Church in Miami, Florida during the “We Will Stand!” tour. I went to his room well after midnight, and he challenged me to seriously think about marriage. If I was to truly teach the ideal of God-centered families, he said, I had to set an example myself. I told him that I wanted the same, but that I was still very much in love with my children’s mother, my true wife. I believed in my heart that somehow God would bring her back to me. He bowed his head and closed his eyes. After a few moments he told me, "Yes! It will happen very soon!" I was moved and grateful for his concern and confidence, but knowing how distant my wife and I had become and how much pain we had been through, it was hard to share that optimism.

During the following week I had two unsettling dreams about my wife, which prompted me to call her. To my surprise, she informed me that things were not at all well and that she was getting a divorce. When I shared with her all that Rev. Moon had said she was deeply moved and seemed to share my conviction that these words were inspired by God. We prayed together, seeking confirmation of the love and commitment buried deep in our hearts, which had now been unearthed. We both knew that despite the confused and divergent paths we had walked, that we were now and always meant for each other.

Cleo and I rededicated our union at the Blessing of sixty clergy couples on May 27, 2001. We sealed our union at my church on July 1, 2001, the thirty-fourth anniversary of our original wedding. The impact of our reconciliation upon my church has been tremendous. The very night that I presented Cleo to the congregation, I was amazed to see another couple that had been separated enter the church together! They too had felt some unexplained move of the Holy Spirit that brought them together. From then on, a spirit of reconciliation seemed to permeate the congregation. Others testified that they were now inspired to recommit and renew their own troubled unions. Other pastors or their spouses in Chicago, hearing of what had happened to us, reached out for a blessing. More than twenty couples have been reunited through this special ministry of family healing.

At the same time, the testimony of my beloved wife’s return spread like wildfire on the "We Will Stand!" tour. Cleo joined me in several cities, and our story became a powerful testimony to the power of God to end divorce and to heal marriages. Before we can talk about stopping crime or overcoming racism, we have to begin with rebuilding families. I can see Rev. Moon’s vision that every church should become a "true family church," and the community of faith should form a network to protect our young people and promote a marriage and family culture. In this way we can restore our communities and renew our nation. Therefore, the new name of my church in Chicago is The Life Center "Family" Church.

My church, my community and my family rejoice for the healing and blessing God has given us through True Parents. And I know that my renewed marriage is the fulfillment of the blessing that God promised to me if I simply stood with a man of God such as him. I am grateful for my wife’s understanding and forgiveness, and I thank God for giving me another chance to be the true husband that she desires and that God requires.

From the bottom of our hearts, we can truly say "God Bless True Parents," for their wisdom and guidance has brought new life to our marriage and family, and to countless others as well. We are honored to testify to all that he has meant to God, humanity, and to us as well.



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