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  7.1 Dr. Hang Hyung Lee
  7.2 Dr. Tor Ragnar Gerholm
  7.3 Dr. Morton A. Kaplan
  7.4 Ambassador Phillip V. Sanchez
  7.5 Sir John Eccles [1903-97], Nobel Laureate, Physiology
  7.6 Dr. Friedrich von Hayek [1889-1992], Nobel Laureate, Economics
  7.7 Dr. Eugene P. Wigner [1902-95], Nobel Laureate, Physics
  7.8 Dr. Petr Nikolayev
  7.9 Arnaud de Borchgrave
  7.10 President Ronald Reagan [1911-2004]
  7.11 President George H.W. Bush
  7.12 Hon. Jae Ho Jeong
  7.13 Oscar Fernando
  7.14 Dr. Ruta Pels
  7.15 Prof. Hermenegilde Rwantabagu
  7.16 Paula Sotutu
  7.17 Dr. Vigintas-Stepas Domkus
  7.18 Dr. Ion Cuzuioc
  7.19 Prof. Abunabi Sattorzoda
  7.20 Armindo Augusto de Abreu
  7.21 Hon. Fortuna Anthony-Husbands
  7.22 Dr. Roberto Emilio Bailly Andersen Cavalcanti
  7.23 Ambassador D. L. Mendis
  7.24 Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky
  7.25 Dr. Juozas Satas
  7.26 Dr. Victor Andreyevich Tumanov
  7.27 Dr. Eva Latham
  7.28 Dr. Min Ha Kim
  7.29 Dr. Emmanuel Bandouvas
  7.30 Dr. Chil Bok Hwang
  7.31 Dr. Cheryl Lau
  7.32 Hon. Mamoru Nakajima
  7.33 Dr. Tamaz Tavadze
  7.34 Prof. Giovanni Palmerio
  7.35 John Haydon
  7.36 Guus Hiddink
  7.37 Gen. Seon Min Lee
  7.38 Hon. Tsai-Fang Lee
  7.39 Hon. Jarbas Passarinho
  7.40 Dr. Yourie Pankratz
  7.41 Dr. Marko Tarle
  7.42 Ambassador K. V. Rajan
  7.43 Stasys Stungurys
  7.44 Dr. Eliezer Glaubach-Gal
  7.45 Hon. Jaromír Kohlíček
  7.46 Hon. In’am As’ad Qaddourah Al-Mufti
  7.47 Gen. Mansour Mustafa Abu Rashid
  7.48 Dr. Ghazi Tayyeb
  7.49 Dr. Ivan Kaltchev
  7.50 Galina A. Kharitonova
  7.51 Prof. Noel Dossou-Yovo
  7.52 Rev. T.L. Barrett
  7.53 Dr. Cecil Murray
  7.54 Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
  7.55 Dr. Edvardas Rudys
  7.56 Hon. Leons Bojars
  7.57 Dr. Artur Artemyev
  7.58 Marat Yegorov
  7.59 Dr. Donatus B. Ngala
  7.60 Dr. A.B.T. Byaruhanga-Akiiki
  7.61 Hon. Engohang Obiang Gaston
  7.62 Rev. Mark Farr
  7.63 Chief Segun Olusola
  7.64 Dr. Yamba Elie Ouédraogo
  7.65 Dr. Evelyn S. Kandakai
  7.66 Hon. Iso Iriarte
  7.67 Dr. Rouchdy Saleh
  7.68 Amb. Johnson Toribiong
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Dr. Rouchdy Saleh

Professor of Natural Resources, Tanta University, Egypt


 first heard about the Unification movement in 1991 while working at Cornell University, in the United States. At that time I was invited to present a paper at a conference in Seoul on the Unity of the Sciences. The vision of the founder intrigued me more than the content of the conference. As a molecular biologist, I concurred that inter-disciplinary dialogue and cooperation was needed to adequately address the problems that the world faced.

Unfortunately, time passed and my contact with the movement waned. I soon moved from Cornell and took up a position in the Middle East Region with the World Bank. I took the position in the hope that my efforts would be helping people to build a better future for themselves. I tried to use my experience in natural resources and the environment to support potentially successful projects. But as time went by, I felt an uneasy sense of foreboding. I was disturbed that my contribution was not leading to the advancements I hoped to see. The point of the bank was to promote development, but the end result was, as often as not, an increasing indebtedness and poverty.

I changed direction again in my career, taking a position as Senior Program Officer with the World Food Program. In 1999 a colleague asked for my help with a paper she was preparing for an international conference she was to attend. As we discussed her paper, I realized that she was in contact with the people I had met a decade earlier. Through her connection, I was invited to a conference on inter­religious dialogue in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a real turning point in my life. I was once again intrigued by the vision of the founder and began to read more extensively about the goals and projects of the movement. For me, the Founder’s address has always been a highlight of those meetings.

The constant advice to live for the sake of others has slowly become part of me. Over the years, I had become rather aggressive, unable to suffer fools. It was an obstacle to my work in which I often had to deal with officials who were not always cooperative. My aggressive behavior would often make them less so. But I noticed that step by step I have been able to find ways to "give it a smile." That is, I don’t react with anger, but with patience and kindness. The result is always amazing. At first it took a conscious effort, almost a smile through gritted teeth. But with time and exercise it becomes more natural.

Others have noticed also. I felt that the softer, less aggressive me is more productive. My colleagues call me a "smiling bulldozer." Instead of resenting difficult assignments, working with potentates who are full of themselves, I actually look forward to them. I feel a sense of volunteerism, a power that comes from the knowledge that I can and should help. The good to be done is all the incentive I need. I take it not as work, but as a mission, a vocation. I now really love my job.

I love the work of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). I fought for my country during the 1967 and 1973 wars. I was taught to define people as enemies, and I was pretty good at it. But today the UPF brings old enemies together, and I have to say I enjoy the collaboration. With the perspective that Father Moon has given us, we have learned to get along—not just as colleagues, but as friends. People notice a difference. They ask me what religion I am. I usually answer "Abrahamic"—Muslim with a universal mentality. The change is not coincidental. It springs from the teaching of Father Moon, who inspires me with his energy and love. He has given me a renewed sense of the spiritual—not in a religion but in the principle of love and life.



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