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Ven. Cheol Ki Lee

 President, Seoul Association of Ambassadors for Peace, Korea


ev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon has held one single focus and conviction since being called by God during his youth. From the time when he began his life’s work until now, his single-minded dedication has been to the reconciliation and unity among all religions. His sole commitment has been to know Heaven’s way and teach it to all humankind.

Rev. Moon teaches that God relates to human beings without regard to their nationality, race, gender or religious background. God gives blessings to all people without discrimination. We should receive these blessings and feel responsible to uphold them, develop them and multiply them. However, even if we invest our best heartfelt efforts in studying, working, cultivating and training ourselves, and then praying, repenting and living for the sake of others with true love, it is still not quite enough.

Rev. Moon teaches that God works through the principle of restitution in order to restore us to the standard of His creation. In this understanding of the original will of God, Rev. Moon is teaching God’s will to people from all religious backgrounds, and leading them through true love. He does not disregard or exclude people because of differences of faith; instead, he asserts that all people need to understand and reconcile with one another.

A proof of this fact was shown to me at a recent Universal Peace Federation (UPF) event in Seoul, Korea, where 50,000 leaders from around the world gathered at one place; among them I saw many religious leaders from various religions and nations. Indeed, one of the core purposes of UPF is to reconcile all religions, opening the door to this age of God’s kingdom.

Throughout his life, Rev. Moon faced all kinds of trials and tribulations with the sole purpose of spreading a peace movement, transcending religion, nationality and ethnicity. His life course has had a single, resolute focus: to achieve God’s desire to build the world of peace. Although there were many trials along the way, as his journey continues people throughout the world, including Ambassadors for Peace from all nations, ethnicities and faiths, have welcomed him wholeheartedly.

I have seen as many as 70,000 leaders from all around the world attending a single global rally. Many of them willingly and joyfully came to Korea on short notice, with a desire to visit the nation of the True Parents, their fatherland in heart. I also saw many leaders of different nationalities from various walks of life welcome him with utmost respect and reverence, being deeply moved while attending one of his events. Having seen this many times has made a profound impact in my heart.

The Unification Principle teaches that God created Adam and Eve as the first human ancestors. God invested Himself one hundred percent for them—His begotten son and daughter—connecting them with Him through His love, life and lineage. They were thus like the flesh of His own flesh. Nevertheless, through the Fall, they came to have a blood relationship with the enemy, Satan, and became his children instead, separated from God. Witnessing this reality, God’s heart has been scarred with anguish and sorrow throughout history.

This is what God has been trying to teach us, but no one had realized this truth. Only our respected Rev. Moon has come to understand this, and he has been sharing it throughout the world with all humankind. It is amazing and wonderful to see a man become so victorious and successful in his own generation. This is happening for the first time in history.

I came to learn this through studying the Divine Principle, which is Rev. Moon’s teaching about how to follow the heavenly path according to the will of God. He has brought so many blessings and contributed so much to humankind. We need to fully understand his work in order to strengthen our nations and make them peaceful. In this age of God’s kingdom, we need to applaud him for his accomplishments rather than cling to our different religious beliefs with closed minds.



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