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Prof. Lianying Wang

Professor, Foreign Languages Department, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

From October 13-16, 2006, my wife and I attended the Fifth World Assembly of the Mongolian Peoplesí Federation for World Peace in Seoul, Korea. During the conference, Dr. Sun Myung Moon invited all participants to a luncheon held at his beautiful Peace Palace in the Korean hills. There he delivered an excellent speech. His speech was neither an ordinary speech nor the type of speech a national leader or president would make. It was a speech given on behalf of God, conveying Godís will.

My wife, Zhang Shuyun, is a senior physician at Nankai University Hospital and a senior master of Qigong, the Chinese practice of working with the breath to promote health. She is an experienced spiritualist whose psychic senses are open. She is often aware of spiritual phenomena as it intersects with our physical world. While Rev. Moon was speaking, she saw a great shining light fill the room and observed the presence of many spirits. She saw that a bright, golden light was shining upward from that place into Heaven, and she became aware that the Peace Palace was at the center of a great spiritual vortex, or portal, through which spirits could easily come and go from the spiritual world. Like acupuncture points on the human body, such places exist here and there on the planet and facilitate communication between the physical and spiritual worlds.

As Dr. Moon was speaking, Zhang Shuyun saw that there was a conference taking place in the spiritual world at the same time. The power of Dr. Moonís words united heaven, earth and mankind and integrated them in oneness. Dr. Moon explained that all people have an eternal home and eternal parents. We are all the descendents of God, Godís children. If we want to return to our eternal home and live with our eternal parents, then we need to cultivate ourselves. We have to elevate our own cosmic energy.

That evening, Zhang Shuyun brought one Unificationist couple to her Seoul hotel room for a guided meditation exercise, as they were curious about her psychic abilities and she was confident she could share with them a vision of the spiritual world. Through the meditation, she took them both into the spiritual world. The wife, who was the more spiritually open of the two, was able to travel to Heaven and see a great white palace, similar to the Peace Palace, and True Parents seated on thrones and smiling at her.

Dr. Moon tells us clearly that in addition to the visible material world there is an invisible, supra-material world. That means a spiritual world. The spiritual world is divided into yang and yin areas, or heaven and hell. The material world and supra-material world are linked together. The material world actually emanates from the supra-material world. All things come from God; human beings originated from God. To worship Godís spirit is to worship our Ancestor.

Dr. Moonís speech revealed that struggles among nations, religions, different cultures and different concepts are all because we are apart from God, separated from True Parents. In order to resolve such struggles and create a lasting world of peace, we have to return back to True Parentsí side to be with God and follow Godís will.

Those whose spiritual eyes are open can see the reality of Dr. Moonís teachings for themselves, especially if they have the privilege of visiting the Peace Palace.



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