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Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Kuftaro (1915-2004)

Grand Mufti of Syria (1964-2004)


ll of us are aware of the catastrophes and calamities that took place in the twentieth century and the major wars and regional conflicts that worked for the misery and suffering of humanity. Despite the efforts of leaders, politicians, and philosophers, and despite the creation of the League of Nations and the United Nations, we all know that man has not been able to achieve the peace that he has always longed for.

Global peace cannot be achieved except by Allah, God, whose name in the Qur’an means peace. God is peace and peace is God, and no peace can be achieved except by God. All the programs laid by God through his prophets and apostles through the passage of history should be unified into one, and then peace can be achieved. If divine religions unify their forces and join hands together, then God will be with them and peace will come. Prophet Mohammed says in his tradition, "The hand of God is with the unified community" and, "The wolf eats the sheep that goes away from its flock."

The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace is an expression of the essential meaning of the messages of heaven. The goal of religions should be to bring all into one family, into one body, so that if an ailment takes place in one limb, the whole body will have sleeplessness and fever for the sake of that ailed limb.

For forty years now, I have been calling for the unification of religions and for their fraternity. I have been calling for that in my homeland as well as all over the world, in conferences, and wherever I went and lectured. I was always living for this dream. This hope of mine has always driven me to look where I could find its treasures and gems. And now I have found the treasure, represented by Father Moon.

He has laid the foundation stone and he is the engineer to bring about unification through this interreligious federation. I cannot express how much I rejoice in meeting with this great treasure. My heart, my self, is filled with a great feeling with which I cannot dispense. I believe that this century will not pass away before all religions unite, accomplishing world peace and fraternity. I feel that it will not pass before this comes into light under the patronage of my brother, Father Moon. The seeds for our unification are already there in our religions, but they have to grow and prosper so that all mankind can attain brotherhood and love.



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