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Dr. Raphael T. Keita

Inspector of Diplomatic Consular Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mali


y first contact with Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his movement was in November 1978 at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences held in Boston, Massachusetts. I did not know anything about his ideas, objectives, ideals and activities. As a career diplomat, when I requested the necessary authorization to attend the seminar, some people warned me about "Moonism."

With this warning, for three days, I listened to numerous speeches and debates, all well elaborated and persuasive. I collected many documents and conversed with many people. I took the time to make up my own mind on who Rev. Moon is and what his objectives are. I concluded that Rev. Moon and his movement have three main characteristics to which I thoroughly adhere:

1.      They are true believers and express a true faith.

2.      They recognize one God, who is beneficent and merciful to all His creatures .

3.      They are dedicated to serving God and serving others, including their family, neighbors, nation and the world.

How could one accuse a true and submissive worshipper who accepted all kinds of humiliations and sufferings? I decided that I will always support any person and movement who gives evidence of believing in only one God, trusts His mercy towards mankind, and lives for the sake of others. I must join a people and movement who think as I think and want to do what I want to do.

Rev. Moon is my guide on the straight path of serving God and others. Faith, hope and charity are the most important obligations for any creature towards God and our fellow human beings.

I appreciate the movementís equal treatment extended to the whole human race, regardless of sex, culture or religious practices. It teaches that nobody is good or bad solely because of one of the above characteristics. People are judged and then rewarded or sentenced according to whether they do good or wrong. Such a proclamation is very important to people of all races, and no race should deem itself superior to others.

Rev. Moon teaches people to live for others. It has never been said in his movement that one Ambassador for Peace is worthier or more important than another. What is important is peopleís standard of purity and their actions for the sake of others. People of all colors are proud to participate in the activities of this movement that can assemble people from all parts of our common world.

The most illustrious example is Rev. Moon himself. He is a Korean by nationality but an internationalist in his heart and mind. He is a brother to people worldwide, and he leads by action. What an exceptional, extraordinary, blessed and divine ideal he is promoting! We, the so-called "colored people," can see beyond words, warm kisses and even charitable gifts and recognize who really loves us and respects us without any political or selfish interest.

I am proud to belong totally and participate fully and permanently in such a movement which recognizes no superiority of human creatures in any field. The only thing that is valued in every time and place is what an Ambassador for Peace says and does for the sake of God and others.

This is what Rev. Moon has taught and practiced with his family, his fellow prisoners, his disciples and fellows in the federation. He helped Africa so much by his words, exemplary life and presents. The evidence that he truly loves Africa and Africans is all his visits and diverse contributions to the development of this continent. How can we not love him too? Moreover, we are sure that what Rev. Moon prefers is to follow him and extend his example to each other, our families, our nations and the whole world itself.

I donít know many movements that are able to assemble hundreds and thousands of people of all categories, ranging from heads of state to humble, unemployed persons, all driven by the same ideals and objectives of loving harmony in the family, neighborhood, nation and world.

In such gatherings among so many diverse people, I have felt happy, strengthened, assured and reassured. I have become more confident in the glory, mercy and goodness of God, because I feel sure that God rejoices to see His children praying, praising and giving thanks to Him for forgiving us and saving us.

The number and the quality of people who welcomed Rev. Moon and his important delegation to Bamako, Mali, on November 8-9, 2005, (and welcomed his special envoys, Rev. and Mrs. Eiji Tokuno, on July 28-29, 2006) indicate a growing participation in the Universal Peace Federation in Mali. The dynamism and constant endeavors of the staff in Mali are appreciated locally and supported strongly by its international secretariat. The people of Mali are proud, dynamic and honest; they will respond to the Universal Peace Federationís efforts.

The Universal Peace Federation offers the ultimate way to unite people of all races and nations, because worshipping the one God and living for the sake of others is the only way we can save ourselves and humanity. We will work to enhance the exceptional contribution of our True Father and illustrious leader, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.



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