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Haji Roshan Khan

President, Guyana Islamic Forum for Education, Peace and Religious Solidarity


he world and the world’s governing body, the United Nations, are in chaos. The United Nations lacks a spiritual dimension to bridge a divided humanity, and to bridge humanity with the Creator (God Almighty). As a result, we read, see and hear of wars, death and human misery. People are at a loss, groping with the questions: Who am I? Why do I exist? Where am I going? How do I get there?

Many seers and prophets came with great messages seeking to solve mankind’s myriad problems, but their missions failed, as the dispensations of love brought by these great masters were manipulated by unscrupulous men of position, who created sects to control people and secure their position. As a result, religions are infected with sectarianism, each one gloating about having the only truth, at times unleashing great cruelty on mankind and the environment.

I thank God Almighty that He has sent the modern-day deliverer to mankind, the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, as the angel of peace, the seer of peace who has sacrificed his entire life for the unity of mankind in bringing to mankind the message and philosophy of the Abel United Nations, a world in which the Cain and Abel factions unite. With this in mind, he created many institutions of peace, the foremost being the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, and the Universal Peace Federation, with the divine mission of uniting mankind.

He constantly travels around the world as a senior statesman and respected world leader at a ripe age to bring to mankind the message of peace. The secrets of the essence of peace could only be given by a divine person. He has been sponsoring seminars and conferences on several continents at great expense to educate people and to create dialogue among the various religious and political leaders. His grand vision of the Ambassadors for Peace network, the bridging of the Bering Strait, the international peace highway, the Middle East Peace Initiative, and so much more had to have come from a man blessed by God Almighty.

Surah 62 of the Holy Qur’an speaks of the coming of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God Almighty be upon Him) to an illiterate people who never had a Messenger. Verse 3 reads: "and others from among them who have not yet joined them, and he is the mighty the wise" (‘the mighty and the wise’ refers to Allah).

At a time when the true spirit is lost, a man would be raised up after receiving the light from the Holy Prophet. This refers to anyone who studies and is inspired by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, as is our Holy Father, Rev. Moon. This new teacher would spread the light of Islam to the world. It must be understood that Islam means peace, and the prince or king of peace of this age is our Holy Father.

The Holy Father Moon is a Muslim in the sense that He submits to God Almighty, believes in the prophets and the laws, accepts the Prophet Muhammad as the Prophet of God, and works for peace. Hence, in my opinion this verse in this time and age refers to the Holy Father Moon. Some came before, and some will come in the future.

The Ambassadors for Peace in Guyana have been so touched by the love and sacrifice for peace by our Holy Founder and Holy Father that we dedicated our lives to bringing peace to our nation, especially at election time, and to educate our people about peace and the importance of creating a culture of peace during this age of restoration.

Guyana has been cursed with violence during and after elections. People are often raped, beaten or killed, and properties worth billions of dollars go up in flames. The elections scheduled for August 28, 2006 filled people with great fear and confusion. Many people departed Guyana; many businessmen closed their shops.

Understanding this, the Ambassadors of Peace in Guyana went on a nationwide campaign to educate people that violence will only create more violence and set back the development of our country.

The Universal Peace Federation is linked with the Inter-Religious Organization, whose managing committee is comprised of many Ambassadors for Peace, including this writer. The chairman of the Inter-Religious Organization of Guyana is an Ambassador for Peace, as is the chairman of the nation’s Ethnic Relations Commission. These organizations, together with the UN Social Cohesion Program and the UN Multi-Stakeholders Forum, created several programs to bring peace to a nation about to self-destruct. I must say at this juncture that the current leader of the opposition party, which many blame for violence, is also an Ambassador for Peace. Ambassadors for Peace were actively involved in many campaigns for peace during 2006.

In January, hundreds of Guyanese of all walks of life joined a Peace Walk through the capital city of Georgetown from the Botanical Gardens to St. George’s Cathedral (1.5 miles). Participants included the ambassador of the United States and high commissioners of the United Kingdom and Canada. Many ministers of government, Christian ministers, imams and pandits joined in. His Excellency President Bharrat Jagdeo joined half way through the walk and delivered a talk at the concluding ceremony. All television, radio stations and newspapers covered this event. The Peace Walk inspired some young people in the county of Corentyne, Berbice, to launch a Peace Campaign with motorcycles to sensitize the people on the importance of peace. Then it was taken to Georgetown, Linden and other parts of the country.

In May, Ambassadors for Peace, working closely with the above groups organized the signing of the Peace Pact by political parties. Many heads of diplomatic missions, United Nations organizations, and religious and social organizations came out in solidarity. Peace buttons were prepared, and distribution began on May 2, the day the Peace Pact was signed. Two months later, the Citizens’ Peace Pledge was launched at the General Post Office on July 24. Thousands of men, women and children came out to collect and wear their buttons.

Television discussions about interreligious harmony entitled "Breaking the Silence" took place on the Electric Mosque's Teaching of Islam, owned and chaired by this writer, and by the National Communications Network. Several other television stations held similar discussions.

The work of the Universal Peace Federation, through its Ambassadors for Peace in Guyana, continues nationwide, spreading respect and love for all. Ambassadors for Peace have contributed tremendously to the current peace that prevails in Guyana. There was no violence during the elections or afterwards, and Guyana is on the threshold of great human and industrial development. In Guyana, Ambassadors for Peace are fulfilling their mandate.



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