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Qamrul A. Khanson

Author, "The Dreamer,' Canada


un Myung Moon’s goal is to educate people of many faiths to be people of goodness who follow God's will. He wants to raise up young people with education in heart as well as knowledge. He wants them to love God, love humanity and love their nation so that they can be the owners of a new history. God's ultimate providence cannot be limited to certain people, cultures or areas, and especially not within religious or denominational boundaries. To overcome those boundaries we need young people who are progressive, open-minded and future-oriented.

The twenty-first century is the time for religion to exert genuine leadership in the world. Let us remove the concept that religion divides. Sun Myung Moon teaches people to come through commonalities in religions. There are more unifying elements in religion than divisive elements. Sun Myung Moon plans to win peace in the world by winning the hearts and minds of all people through the basic principles of all religions by means of ongoing dialogue, understanding and appreciation. Others will join in, adding moral and intellectual strength to our cause of peace with God and among humans beings.

The moral vision and lifestyle of religious leaders can be a hurricane lantern for humankind, not only pointing the way to the world beyond this one but also teaching the path to genuine happiness and peace on this earth.

Throughout the ages, people of thirty-five to forty-five years of age have often been called by God to provide leadership at crucial points in history. Who among the Jews, Christians and Muslims would forget that it was Moses at age forty who came to the defense of a fellow Israelite and killed an Egyptian taskmaster? It has been said that Moses spent forty years in Egypt learning to be somebody and forty years in Midian learning to be nobody; this prepared him for the mighty task of delivering the children of Israel.

It is no coincidence that when he was forty years of age Muhammad received the call from the God of Adam. One night, while lying absorbed in his thoughts in the solitude of a cave, Muhammad was commanded by a mighty voice to go forth and preach. Muhammad rose trembling and hastened home to seek rest and solace in his wife Qhadijah’s tender care, and she calmed and comforted him.

She later consulted her relative, Waraqah Ibn Nawfal, who was a Christian. He declared that the heavenly message that had been revealed to Moses had come to Muhammad, and that he was chosen to be a Prophet of God.

Sun Myung Moon is the patriarch of peace, following the path of Biblical Islamic figures. He has preached peace to the billions of humans around the globe. His vision of peace attracts people who want to overwhelm the dark forces surrounding the material world.

The crises of our global society stem from our neglect of God. Since the ideological confrontation between the left wing and the right wing is now over, the future of humanity needs a new worldview centered on God. We should dedicate our efforts to Sun Myung Moon, who has allocated his resources to educational programs designed to inspire young people to love God, love their families and countries, and live by the highest moral standards.

Religious leaders should not only inherit and pass on the precious and holy wisdom of their great traditions but also devote their lives to unselfish service. Wisdom is certainly personified in and identified very closely with God. Of course peace cannot come until one strives for it. In the Islamic tradition, wisdom is considered the lost treasure of believers; if they can retrieve wisdom, the kingdom of this world and Heaven becomes their realm.

Sun Myung Moon as a true disciple of Jesus Christ is devoting himself to what Jesus did in his lifetime. Muslims around the globe have a commonality of interest in Sun Myung when he talks of peace through the words of Jesus Christ. In the Islamic tradition, Jesus Christ, as a messenger to the Children of Israel, said:

I (Jesus Christ) come to you with a sign from your Lord—I create for you from clay the shape of a bird, then I blow into it, and it becomes a live bird by God's leave. I restore vision to the blind, heal the leprous, and I revive the dead by God's leave. I can tell you what you eat, and what you store in your homes. This should be a proof for you, if you are believers. I confirm previous scripture—the Torah—and I revoke certain prohibitions imposed upon you. I come to you with sufficient proof from your Lord. Therefore, you shall observe God, and obey me. God is my Lord and your Lord; you shall worship Him alone. This is the right path. (Qur’an, 3:46–51)

With such affirmations from their holy book, Muslims are motivated to unite with Sun Myung Moon’s message of universal peace. Peace can be achieved only by recognizing that the God of Adam is One God. Leaders of peace movements have made history, but it is rare to see one who upholds God as a source of peace in this world.

With the advancement of age, Sun Myung Moon is still going strong, but his message will not die with him. Millions of Christians, Muslims and people of other faiths will rise up to take the torch to remove the darkness from the world.

The Almighty God has given everyone a time limit in this world, but those who convey the message of peace and truth from God do not die unknown and untold.

The Qur’an bears witness to Jesus Christ and those who follow him. Thus, the Almighty God of Adam, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad said:

Oh Jesus, I am terminating your life, raising you to Me, and ridding you of the disbelievers (who ignored your message of peace with God). I will exalt those who follow you (Followers of Peace Movements) above those who disbelieve (War mongers against peace), till the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is the ultimate destiny of all you, then I will judge among you regarding your disputes. (Qur’an, 3:55)

When the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) was founded by Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon as a global alliance of religious communities to promote peace, I had no doubt that it will bring a unified world in which all people will live together in harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity for the pleasure of Almighty God and for the pleasure of people who love God.

The Almighty God seeks a community of humans who would strive for peace in the world, promote moral values and propagate human life through marital bonds created in the example of Adam and Eve. Thus, the Almighty God of Adam, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad said:

Let there be a community of you who invite to what is good (peace), advocate righteousness (Moral Values, etc.), and forbid evil (Homosexuality, etc.). These are the winners (Who will be the winners in this world and the hereafter). (Qur’an, 3:104)

The Qur’an speaks highly of people like Sun Myung Moon who believe in Almighty God and respect what has been revealed to Moses and Muhammad. Such people devoted themselves to the cause of the Almighty God to please Him and please those who revere Him. Surely, there is recompense for such people not only in this world but in the hereafter, provided the monotheism of God is upheld in the pursuit of peace.

Surely, some followers of the previous scriptures (Torah & Gospel) do believe in God, and in what was revealed to you (Oh Muhammad), and in what was revealed to them (Abraham, Moses, & Jesus). They reverence God, and they never trade away God's revelations for a cheap price. These will receive their recompense from their Lord. God is the most efficient in reckoning. (Qur’an, 3:199)

I, as a Muslim member of UPF, am confident that the UPF will make a decisive contribution to the realization of world peace, and I pray that God will bless all of us, our families and our work. As Rev. Moon said:

It is now the time for religion to exert genuine leadership in the world. I believe that religious people should feel responsible for the situation of humankind, and for resolving the various inequities of this age.

In conclusion, it is time to urgently pray to Almighty God to grant peaceful sovereignty on this earth.

Our God: possessor of all sovereignty. You grant sovereignty to whomever You choose, You remove sovereignty from whomever You choose. You grant dignity to whomever You choose, and commit to humiliation whomever You choose. In Your hand are all provisions. You are Omnipotent. (Qur’an, 3: 26)


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