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  8.1 Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein
  8.2 Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios [1922-1996]
  8.3 Dr. Kailash Puri
  8.4 Sohanlal Jain Gandhi
  8.5 Ven. Khamba Lama Choijiljav Dambajav
  8.6 Rt. Hon. Nagendra Prasad Rijal
  8.7 Dr. Ron Burr
  8.8 Dr. Nicholas N. Kittrie, KtSJ
  8.9 Dr. Jameson Kurasha
  8.10 Hon. W.J.M. Lokubandara
  8.11 Rev. David A. Hart
  8.12 Professor Sulayman Nyang
  8.13 Dr. Charles Selengut
  8.14 Ven. Cheol Ki Lee
  8.15 Imam Haitham Bundakji
  8.16 Sen. Mjr. Rev. Abednego M. Dlamini
  8.17 Prof. Masahisa Hayashi
  8.18 Rev. Bertil Persson
  8.19 Vlad Ciubucciu
  8.20 Ven. Shoshu Murei
  8.21 Eva Kanturkova
  8.22 Prof. Lianying Wang
  8.23 Dr. Carlos Enrique Peña
  8.24 Dr. Emmanuel D. Bezzina
  8.25 Dr. Klaus Rohmann
  8.26 Dr. Michael Higatsberger
  8.27 Dr. Paul Badham
  8.28 Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Kuftaro (1915-2004)
  8.29 Prof. Obediah Mpfurutsa
  8.30 Dr. Shuki Y. Ben Ami
  8.31 Dr. Clinton Bennett
  8.32 Holger A. Santana
  8.33 Abdul Wahid Pedersen
  8.34 Dr. A. Abdul Santoe
  8.35 Dr. Raheem Khan
  8.36 Dr. Raphael T. Keita
  8.37 Dr. Hisatoki Komaki
  8.38 Professor Irving Hexham
  8.39 Haji Roshan Khan
  8.40 Dr. Hoosen Auchbaraulee
  8.41 Qamrul A. Khanson
  8.42 Dr. Saifullo Safarov
  8.43 Tatiana Lee
  8.44 Michel Kamano
  8.45 Hafiz Farid
  8.46 Dr. Juergen Redhardt
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Michel Kamano

Chair, Ambassadors for Peace of Guinea


y participation in the Universal Peace Federation rests on my conviction in the rightness of the message that religious unity and harmony are absolutely necessary if we are to build a world of peace. This message is based on the simple declaration that people must love each other, embracing and respecting the differences of race, ethnicity and above all, religious conviction. The ills of modern society come—in large part—because we, being blinded by our material and scientific progress, forget to turn our eyes to God.

It was in this spirit that Rev. and Mrs. Moon began their world peace tours. In all the countries they visited, they emphasized the need for a partnership between governments, religious leaders and civil society as a whole. In particular, they spoke of the need for innovation at the United Nations, such that the voice of religious leaders could be heard on the world level.

The Ambassadors for Peace in Guinea are taking this call very seriously. We are especially concerned about the education of our youth, the leaders of tomorrow. We need to teach them how to create strong loving families that are the best protection against the evils of AIDS, poverty, ignorance and violence, and are the foundation of a culture of peace. Our peace motto is expressed in the following poem written by an Ambassador for Peace:


To Have Peace



To have peace,

Let us love one another

As God loves us

Let us forgive each other.

For none is perfect.



To have peace

Let us live for others

That is the hope

Of all Ambassadors for Peace



To have peace

Let us hear each other

Without agendas

Building strong bridges of trust

Over rivers of suspicion


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