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Peace Tour IV : Africa, Asia, Europe (offsite)

Peace Tour V Goes Global
Following the outstanding success of Peace Tour IV, which will conclude in Canada on December 20th, plans for Peace Tour V have been announced. The international segment will begin on December 8th, with over 1200 Ambassadors for Peace delivering Dr. Moon’s Peace Message throughout 40 nations by the end of the year. In addition, 1200 events will be held in each of four nations: the United States, Germany, Korea and Japan.

Peace Tour IV Success in Asia

Afganistan | Cambodia | Nepal | More at Peace Tour IV

Peace Tour IV moved on from the Christian and Muslim nations of Africa and swiftly finished visiting the countries of Asia. Successful events have been held in Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. The Ambassadors for Peace are being well received and now move on to Oceania. They continue on the road through the South Pacific and South America and will conclude in Canada on December 20th.

Arrival in Africa

Benin | Cameroon | Rwanda | Ethiopia | More at Peace Tour IV

A group of 40 American clergymen and women from Catholic and Pentecostal churches in the USA and Canada arrived in Africa on November 7, 2006. They will tour 25 nations in Eastern, Central, Southern and Western Africa in five different groups.
Their primary goal in participating in the fourth Universal Peace Federation World Peace Tour is to proclaim the message of peace from heaven given by the founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. They will spread this message of peace to major nations on this continent for almost two weeks during November.

Many of them being Black Americans, they were very inspired and moved to visit their ancestral home for the first time. Tears flowed down their cheeks at the long-awaited reunion with their black family, and even more so upon recognizing the heart of love that Father Moon has invested into this forgotten continent. They praised Rev. Moon as a great unifier. On their arrival, many kissed the ground and offered deep prayers to Heavenly Father.

Kick-off rallies were held on November 8 in the major cities of various nations throughout the continent.

In Nigeria the main rally was held in Agege City and attracted more than 3,000 participants. People rededicated their marriages to God and renewed their vows of  fidelity. The atmosphere was high as they received the message about peace and the establishment of the ideal heavenly world.

The main rally in Kenya took place at Anglican headquarters church in Nairobi. A congregations of more than 400 people gathered and became inspired and electrified by the message.

In the town of Kitale in Kenya, one Catholic priest, Father Siundu, had shocked the nation after announcing his wedding to a former nun. He called to express how happy he was that he was appointed an Ambassador for Peace; he vowed to spread Rev. Moon's peace message all over the republic.

"Some people try to persecute Rev. Moon,” one visiting minister said, “but soon they will discover they absolutely need him.”

The members of the clergy say they have found a new home on this continent. In fact, some say they will go back to the United States only as visitors.





Peace Tour IV Arrives in Europe

The international tour of religious leaders, clergy and Ambassadors for Peace has moved on to the European leg, starting with the United Kingdom. Everyone came right off of the airplane directly to our UPF headquarters in London at Lancaster Gate. The delegates were a little weary after yet another transcontinental flight, but in high spirits.

After a welcoming banquet, the British Clergy Leadership Conference, represented by Rev. Marshall DaSouza, Rev. Abbey George and Rev. Dr. Paul Adams welcomed the group. “We never dreamed such a day would come,” they said, “This is a day of great importance for England.”

In response, Rev. Robert Pyle of the Church of the Brethren said, “We move together and we are gaining power from nation to nation. The Message of Father Moon that we are delivering has profound contents that have the power to bring unity.” Another US clergyman, Rev. Roach testified, “I want you to know that the clergy and Ambassadors for Peace are very serious about Father Moon's mission and work in the world. There is no one else that has ever sent a delegation of religious leaders, Muslims, Christians and Jews as Ambassadors for Peace.”

The next day we events were held in 40 cities throughout the United Kingdom. Archbishop George Stallings was the keynote speaker at the main event in London. A noted heart surgeon, Dr. Khan gave the opening remarks. “I believe t the Ambassadors for Peace movement of Rev. Moon will transform the world,” he said. Khan went on to report the encouragement he had received from the leadership and commitment of Sir James Mancham, Founding President of Seychelles and Chair of the UPF’s Global Peace Council. “Sir James told me that if we as Ambassadors for Peace in 200 nations now double our efforts in 2007 we will see the world turn upside down.” he said.

Another event was held at the Harrow Borough Football Club Hall in Middlesex. It is connected to the Earlsmead Stadium, home of a semi-pro team that creates stars for the full professionals such as Tottenham Hotspur - one of the most famous teams in Europe and Champions of last years FIFA-endorsed Peace Cup in Korea. Michael Jenkins delivered the message of peace. Many in the audience had been to Israel with MEPI and had met with Sheikh Kiwan and Father Hatoum in the Nazareth area

Finally, all the Ambassadors for Peace went to the clinic to get Yellow Fever shots in preparation for the visit to 25 countries Africa. The tour leaves tomorrow for Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Holland and Norway.

127 US Religious Leaders To Hold DMZ Rally to End Korean Nuclear Crisis; Work for Peace in Korea and World

A delegation of 127 US pastors, imams and religious leaders held a peace rally and prayer at ImJinGak at the DMZ between North and South Korea, Friday October 27, calling on the two Koreas, the USA, China, Russia, Japan and the UN to work together to create an “Axis of Peace” that will bring lasting change to the region.

The plane-load of spiritual leaders is on a worldwide peace mission that began last Saturday with 120 simultaneous events in the United States. Peace rallies have already been held in more than 360 cities in the US, Japan and Korea. After the DMZ event, the group will leave to Europe and Africa, planning to cover nearly 100 nations by the end of the year.

The peace effort is coordinated by the Universal Peace Federation, founded by the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who have long played a significant role in efforts for North-South reconciliation. Back in 1991, the Moons, both born in the North, traveled to Pyongyangon a mission of reconciliation and were warmly welcomed by then Premier Kim Il Sung. The trust and goodwill fostered then has led to numerous cultural, commercial and sporting exchanges.

In fact only last week North Korea, in a gesture rarely seen from its leaders, sent sincere regrets to Moon that they could no longer send their women’s soccer team to the Peace Queen Cup. The contest, also founded by the Moons, starts tomorrow and would have featured a match up between North Korea and the USA women’s national team, seeded 2nd in a strong field.

For years, Moon has been calling for the creation of an interreligious peace council at the United Nations, consisting of conscientious people from all faiths who can transcend national and religious differences. The US delegation, which includes many who have worked for decades on related issues such as civil rights, religious freedom, family values and more, is expected to meet with Moon tomorrow.

“War is not the answer” says group spokesman George Stallings from Washington DC. “The UPF’s peace-building efforts are grounded in two core principles found in all great religions: the principle of true love –living for the sake of others -- and the principle of reconciliation and unification that calls us to seek mutual understanding, respect, harmony and cooperation between people of diverse races, religions, nationalities, cultures and worldviews.”


  • Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings -  Founder of the African American Catholic Congregation and Co-President of the American Clergy Leadership Conference with 20,000 clergy.
  • Pastor Robert G. Upton -  President of the Apostolic Coalition -  Pentecostal Religious Association that represents 12,000,000 Pentecostals in the U.S.
  • Dr. Hycel B. Taylor -   Professor Emeritus of Garrett Theological Seminary (Methodist). Pastor of Christian Fellowship Church.
  • Rabbi Mordecai Waldman -  Rabbi of Congregation Temple Beth Tephilath Moses
  • Rev. Mark Abernathy -  Pastor of Christian Life Fellowship - President of Christian Impact Alliance -  Representing several Million Pentecostals
  • Imam Firquan Muhammad -  Muslim leader of Atlanta Islamic Center
  • Minister Amar Napth Gupta -  Leader of 30,000 Indian Hindus in Washington D.C.
  • Rev. Michael Jenkins - Chairman of Universal Peace Federation USA.

120 US Pastors Join Global Peace Tour, Hope to Defuse Korean Nuclear Crisis

A delegation of 120 US pastors, imams and religious leaders begin a worldwide peace mission Saturday that will take them throughout the United States, Japan and Korea and on to the 38th parallel with North Korea, the latest and most unwelcome member of the world’s nuclear club – visiting over 300 cities in just one week. The tour is expected to continue to 120 nations by the end of 2006.

The peace effort is being coordinated by the Universal Peace Federation, founded by the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. It is already the 4th tour in less than a year. Earlier tours were conducted first by Moon himself, then by his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and their children, and most recently a third generation of the Moon’s grandchildren joined the campaign, speaking in over 400 cities worldwide in just 40 days.

Organizers say the goal of the tours is to provide a middle ground between secular peace efforts on the one hand and extreme religious positions on the other, and to promote a God-centered global vision for world peace.

For years, Moon has been calling for the creation of a peace council at the United Nations, consisting of people who, although patriotic, work for whole purposes beyond their own nation; and, although deeply religious, work for the whole purposes beyond their own religion.

The US delegation includes many prominent ministers who are no strangers to the struggle for peace, having worked over many decades on issues such as civil rights, religious freedom, family values and more. Still, responding to Rev. Moon’s sudden call to travel overseas at a moment’s notice is something well out of the ordinary.

“The World Peace ministry of the Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon has struck a very responsive note in the very depths of my soul,” says former DC Congressman Rev. Walter Fauntroy. “That’s because all that I am and all that I hope to be I owe to the mission on which I embarked now some forty five years ago with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His message was simply this: ‘Either we learn to live together as brothers and sisters on this planet or we will perish together as fools.’ I love Father Moon’s ministry because he seems as determined as Martin was to do something about world peace, not just talk about it.”


Peace Tour IV Aims at Current Crises

Within hours of celebrating the successful conclusion of Peace Tour III, which ended in Venezuela on October 14th, UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon has announced the beginning of Peace Tour IV, which will start on October 21st and continue to the end of 2006.

This time the speakers will include more than 120 religious leaders, primarily from the United States. After speaking in their hometowns throughout the country, they will depart for Japan and Korea. They will complete this leg of the journey on October 28th and then go on to the rest of the world. After touring 120 cities and delivering the message for peace in the U.S., Japan and then Korea, the 120 will assemble for prayer at the 38th Parallel seeking God's wisdom, guidance and spirit to calm tensions and seek a totally peaceful resolution to international conflict.

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