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In The News
New Level of Cooperation in Nepal
The Legislature-Parliament of Nepal constituted one year ago, on 15th January 2007, today made history. Cooperation between civil society and the government broke new ground as the first-ever function organized by a non-government organization was held in the Parliament. More... | Rising Nepal | Minister for Foreign Affairs

Seminar for Sierra Leone Parliamentarians
UPF recently held a seminar on ‘Good Governance and Leadership, for Members of Parliament in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. It was held in the Parliament Building in Freetown. Earlier this year, a similar seminar was held for the parliament of Sri Lanka, and UPF plans to continue the series throughout the new year of 2008. More...

Regional Activities
Italians Connect with Israeli and Palestinian Youth
Twenty young Italians ages 16 to 24 spent a week in Israel and Palestinian Territories learning to know the young people there and getting involved in community service activities. Mr. Giorgio Gasperoni, Secretary General of UPF-San Marino, led the group of high school and university students and recent graduates from ten cities in Italy. More...

Moldova: Promoting a Culture of Peace
"Peace is one of humanity's fundamental needs. It is the thing that everybody is waiting for too. In fact, peace defines our life mission and is the theme of any public speech." With these words the moderator welcomed participants to a conference in Moldova on the theme "A Culture of Family and Peace in Moldova." More...

Religious Youth Service: Bridging Religious and Cultural Differences

"Bridging the gap between religious and cultural differences" was the motto which brought twenty young people from different cultures and faiths together in Utrecht, The Netherlands, for an interfaith service project More... | RYS Cote d’Ivoire | RYS Sri Lanka | RYS Suriname

Report from Peace Tour: Dominican Republic
The Universal Peace Federation and the Ambassadors for Peace have already delivered the UPF Peace Message in over 20,000 locations. Read more reports at

More Region Reports

Spotlight on Ambassadors For Peace
Peru: Earthquake Recovery
A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the central coast of Peru on August 15, 2007, killing 519 people and injuring 1,366. Ambassadors for Peace in Peru went into action, taking the opportunity of this season of goodwill to visit some of the most deprived areas of Peru to bring them support and hope for the future. More...

Prof. Giovanni Palmerio, Professor of Economics, LUMSA University, Rome, Italy
Selected Ambassador's for Peace essays from the Peace King. Read more from the Peace King Online.

World Summit, Seoul Korea, Feb 9 - 13, 2008
ILC Uruguay, Jan 27- 30, 2008
ILC Nepal
, Jan 16- 19, 2008
ILC, Washington DC, Dec 16 - 19, 2007
Global Peace Festival; Philippines, Manila
Global Festival of Films
, November 17, 2007
Character Education Training Nov. 12, 2007
ILC USA, Connecticut, Nov 8-12, 2007

UPTV is an online television, dedicated to Peace-casting. Leaders of the world speak up on issues that matter. Come take a look.

Video Presentation : What is True Peace? The UPTV website
More on Voices of Peace.

Photos and Sides from the Character Education Course in Brazil

Discovering the Real Me: Text Book in Character Education
UPF has created a character education curriculum where universal values and characteristics are taught in a format that can be adapted to different countries' cultural heritages. Read a review.

Updated Entries from the New World Encyclopedia

Interview: Talking to Pyongyang is key to peace (offsite)

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