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ILC2021 Latin America: Executive Report

Latin America-2021-07-28-ILC2021 The Influence of the Peaceful Reunification of the Koreas on Peace and Security, Diplomacy and Economic Development in the World

Latin America—On July 27 and July 28, 2021, UPF Latin America and the Caribbean held an International Leadership Conference (ILC) with the theme “The Influence of the Peaceful Reunification of the Koreas on Peace and Security, Diplomacy and Economic Development in the World.”

The UPF is holding conferences for peace around the world. The UPF has worked in all spheres of society: political, religious, academic, media, business and artistic to spread the culture of peace, seeking to discuss and propose best practices that help us move forward as a single human family through interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values.

Aiming to disseminate peace proposals related to UPF ideas, the event took place online through the Zoom platform and was broadcast on YouTube, with the participation of 850 participants from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

Day One

“The Role of NGOs in Building a Culture of Peace” was the theme for the first day of ILC on July 27, 2021. The moderator of the event, Mr. Victor Castillho Hernandez, secretary general of UPF Mexico, started the event by presenting an overview of the work of UPF in Latin America as well as in the world. The opening prayer was offered by Dr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli, general secretary of the UPF in South America.

After the presentation of a UPF video, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, regional president of the FFWPU of Central America and the Caribbean, gave welcoming remarks. “The role of NGOs is not to replace the work and responsibilities of states and international organizations. Their actions complement the work of the administration. Governments must recognize NGOs as key actors in the fight against poverty,” he stated.

Dr. Charles S. Yang, president of the UPF for Central America and the Caribbean, among other positions, thanked everyone for their presence and encouraged them to continue their efforts with the leaders of each nation to achieve peace. He reviewed some of the work of the UPF founders, Mr. and Mrs. Moon. He also gave a brief historical account of the Korean War and how the UN intervened to preserve democracy in South Korea.

The special guest, H.E. Hilda Patricia Marroquin de Morales, First Lady of the Republic of Guatemala (2016 – 2020), spoke about the importance of NGOs in the development of activities that bring resources to the most deficient populations in the society, presenting new horizons for the children who live there.

Next, the Hon. Pilar Eva Medina, member of the National Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay, analyzed the role of NGOs. She stated that these private entities, independent from the government, through their actions promote projects and social initiatives with humanitarian purposes. The work of NGOs is important to change the social reality and reduce people’s suffering.

Hon. Pushton Vijay Paray, Deputy Member of Parliament, gave a presentation on how NGOs can form a healthier social environment.

Professor Joveny Candido de Oliveira, speaking via video, recalled several activities promoted by NGOs that influenced the education of young people and children. He described the history how the NGOs appeared in the society to do things that the government does not do. He also emphasized the NGOs created by Rev. Moon and his wife are making a lot of difference in the plan of reunification of North and South Korea.

Before closing, Lic. Alvis Gonzalez Garita, lawyer and member of several social-activist NGOs, clarified that an NGO starts with a dream or plan, but that they must be structured so that the activities happen in accord with the established objective. In addition, he highlighted the efforts of people who dedicate their rest or vacation time to making society a better place, as a large human family. With this, the first day of the event was closed.

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Day Two

“Building Bridges and Roads for World Peace” was the theme for the second day of ILC on July 28, 2021. The moderator of the event was Dr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli, general secretary of the UPF in South America. He explained the purposes of the ILC and referenced the long and historical work of Rev. and Mrs. Moon to establish the peaceful reunification of Korea. He stated that this topic is very timely because this year we remember June 25, 1950, the day when the Korean War began. Furthermore, July 27, 1953, was the day the armistice was signed, and August 15, 1945 was the Liberation Day of Korea from Japanese colonial rule.

The event took place online through the Zoom platform and was broadcast on YouTube, with the participation of 645 participants from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

The opening prayer was offered by Pastor Jonas de Melo Florencio, President of the Church Mission Christ Returns.

After a video of the work of UPF was shown, Rev. Dong Mo Shin, president of the UPF in South America, remarked that currently we have conflicts ahead of us instead of peace. “We believe that the time is right to put our fundamental values into practice in our areas of activity, placing God as Father and Mother of humanity,” he stated.

Rev. Dr. David Dong Woo Kim, regional president of FFWPU South America, then shared the vision for the unification of the Koreas. This is the vision and dream of peace for humanity around the world.

Next, the first panelist, Hon. Magister Mercedes Susana Giuffre, member of the Argentine Council of International Relations, noted that the key for South Korea is for the United States and North Korea to develop a “roadmap of mutual trust.”

Dr. Irma Loemban Tobing-Klein, a former member of the Surinamese Parliament, highlighted how this conflict in Korea can be a symbol for the world. The question is, how can we bring these two antagonistic sides together in a peaceful meeting with these peoples who have the same values and same customs as a single people?

Then Hon. Tany Aristides Valer Lopera, chairman of the Commission for the Peaceful and Intelligent Reunification of Korea, stated that both Koreans and the international society sincerely want Korea to be reunited under the confederal system independently and peacefully.

Prof. Sonja Maria Lacerda, president of Brazil Crusade for Dignity Association, who spoke next, emphasized that the panel topic is about “Bridges and roads for world peace” and all are unanimous in recognizing that bridges are built to allow the overcoming of obstacles. These structures are capable of integrating worlds and lives, supported as they are by solid pillars and with a harmoniously built-in function for the common good.

The final speaker was Ing Oscar Henrique Ruiz Somarriba, Latin American Sinergy winner representing Nicaragua. He reinforced our great potential to fight for peace and cited the role of young people in activities that seek this purpose.

To conclude, the moderator, Dr. Simão Ferabolli, thanked all panelists and online meeting participants and invited everyone to the third round scheduled for next month, August 16th and 17th.

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