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Powerpoints and Booklets

UPF PowerPoint presentations can be found on Slideshare in English, French, and Spanish. (Scroll down the pages to see presentations; presentations can be downloaded by registering at at slideshare - at no cost.)

Below is a selection of the recent booklets and PowerPoint presentations from UPF.

Introduction to UPF, Booklet 2022

Press (17.8MB)
Contains information on the UPF's Associations as of Feb. 2022, which includes IAFLP and IAACP.

Introduction to UPF, Booklet 2020

Press (26.9MB)
Contains information on the World Summit Series and UPF's Associations as of 2020.

International Day of Peace - UPF 2015 Highlights
Introduction to UPF

Preview (3.8MB)
Press (19.2MB)

Related educational PowerPoint: UPF's Areas of Focus

Ambassador for Peace Handbook

PDF 12-page booklet (21MB) (PRESS PDF)

Related educational PowerPoint: Principles of Ambassadors for Peace

Religious Youth Service 4-fold Brochure

Preview (4.5MB)
Press (14.8MB)

Leadership and Good Governance Award Booklet

Preview Booklet (4.25 MB)
Press (17.46 MB)

Related educational PowerPoint: Insights on Good Governance

World Summit 2015 Approach Booklet

PRESS PDF with Crop Marks (26.33 MB)

View PDF (9.06 MB)

UPF Highlights 2014
UN International Day of Peace 2014 Observances
World Summit 2014: "Peace, Security and Human Development"

Pictorial overview:

Promotional booklet:

View Online
Download View PDF (16.6MB)
Download Print PDF (108.4MB)

Africa Day 2014 Observances




UN International Day of Families 2014 Observances


UN International Women's Day 2014 Observances


UN Interfaith Harmony Week 2014 Observances


Jerusalem Conference on Interreligious and International Relations

"Toward Peace and Stability in the Middle East"
Executive Report:
PDF (5.8MB), Print PDF (19MB)

UPF Annual Report 2013


Jordan Interfaith Consultation on Prospects for Dialogue and Cooperation in Syria

"The Role of Religion in International Relations"
Executive Report:
PDF (3.3MB)

UN International Day of Peace 2013 Observances


UN International Day of Families 2013 Observances

Africa Day 2013 Observances

Preview (13MB)
Press (39.2MB)

World Summit 2013: "Peace, Security and Human Development"

View 32-page booklet
Print PDF (75MB)


UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2013 Observances