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Downloads Archive

We tell our story in a variety of formats: PowerPoint presentations, booklets (both printed and downloadable pdf files), videos, and photos. Some are in Spanish, French, Arabic, and other languages. In addition, our electronic materials are available from a variety of social media sites as well as We encourage you to make use of social media when possible as this will help enhance UPF's online profile.

Our most up-to-date PowerPoint presentations are on Slideshare in English, French, and Spanish. You can view them without an account, but in order to download them you will need to create your own free account. Some chapters are building an impressive Slideshare presence. You may also find useful presentations on related topics by other authors.

PowerPoints & Booklets: These include PowerPoint presentations and electronic versions of report booklets, PR materials, and annual reports, available in low-resolution (preview) for viewing and high-resolution (press) for printing.

Video & Audio: Our videos can be found at YouTube. Some of them can be downloaded in low resolution from that site. To download high-resolution and editable files, use the audio and video tabs below. A podcast collection is under construction.

Graphic Files: Source files of banners, signs, and fliers for special events will be available here; these can be customized by using the appropriate software (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator). High-resolution press pdfs and Adobe InDesign files of our magazine, UPF Today, which can be edited using Adobe InDesign. For example, the text can be translated and substituted for the English text, and photos can be customized for local audiences.

Photos: Our picasa albums contain photos of selected events and programs. Follow Picasa directions to download photos and albums.

UPF PowerPoint presentations can be found on Slideshare in English, French, and Spanish. (Scroll down the page to see dozens of presentations in English and Spanish.)

Below you will find a selection of PowerPoint and pdf reports from UPF.

Universal Peace Federation Annual Report 2012


UN International Day of Peace, 2012

Related educational PowerPoints: Prayers for Peace, Promoting a Culture of Peace, and Peace Quotes


UN International Day of Families, 2012

Download PDF Report 20-page booklet (38MB)

Related educational PowerPoint: The Family as the School of Love and Peace

Ambassador for Peace Handbook

PDF 12-page booklet (1.7MB)

Related educational PowerPoint: Principles of Ambassadors for Peace

UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, 2012

Report of a program at the United Nations
Preview 12-page booklet (1.7MB)
Press (19.2MB)

PowerPoint report of programs in 34 nations
Related educational PowerPoint: Interfaith Harmony Week Readings


UPF 4-fold Brochure

Preview (5.5MB)
Press (17.7MB)
InDesign CS4 with Links (231MB) [For designers and translators]

Related educational PowerPoint: UPF's Areas of Focus

UPF Introduction

PDF English 12-page booklet (10MB)
PDF Español

UPF Interfaith Peacebuilding

Preview 12-page booklet (7.6MB)
Press (36MB)
InDesign CS4 with Links (412MB), Cover Design, Illustrator AI (157MB)

Related educational PowerPoint: UPF Interfaith Peacebuilding

UPF Annual Report, 2011
UN International Day of Peace, 2011

Preview (8MB) 
Press (24MB)

Indesign files (195MB)

PowerPoint report

International Leadership Conference in Nigeria, 2011

PowerPoint report (45MB)

UPF Founders' Tour, 2011

Overall PowerPoint report in English (13.6MB) Russian (13.6MB), Spanish (13.7MB), Italian (31.8MB), Korean (13.6MB)

Spain PowerPoint report (11.4MB)
United Kingdom PowerPoint report (26.4MB)
United States PowerPoint report (16MB)


UN International Day of Families, 2011

Report booklet PDF (34MB)

PowerPoint report (45.2MB)
Global Citizen of Peace

English: PowerPoint (updated 04/2011)
Arabic and Turkish: PowerPoint (updated 04/2011)
Farsi: PowerPoint
French: PowerPoint (updated 04/2011)
Russian: PowerPoint
Spanish: PowerPoint


UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, 2011

Report booklet Preview (7.5MB)

PowerPoint Report (10MB)

Women and the World at a Turning Point, 2011

PowerPoint Report (3MB)

UPF Annual Report, 2010

Report booklet PDF View (18MB)

PowerPoint Report (45MB)

UPF World Assembly, New York, 2010

PowerPoint Report (6MB)

UPF Brochure, 2010

PDF Brochure (5MB)


UN International Day of Peace, 2010


PowerPoint Report (67MB)

Download the full PDF report here (62.6MB)

Download the supplemental PDF (12MB) which includes 8 additional chapters: Australia, Colombia, Congo, Ghana, Italy, the Marshall Islands, St. Lucia, and Uruguay

UPF Statements (updated March 2011)

All Statements [Archive PDF](5MB)

Statements on:

Africa Day
Climate Change
The Global Financial and Economic Crisis
Human Rights
Interfaith Dialogue
International Day of Peace
International Day of Families
The Middle East
The Status of Women
United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Middle East Peace Conference, August 2010


PowerPoint Report (3.6MB)

UPF World Assembly, July 2010


PowerPoint Report (13MB)


Morning Program PDF (500KB)

Main Program PDF (2MB)

Africa Day, 2010


PowerPoint Report (10MB)

Report booklet PDF (710KB)

Arabic (8MB)

UN International Day of Families, 2010


PowerPoint Report of international programs (94MB)
PowerPoint Report of program in New York (9.5MB)
 Report booklet PDF (22MB)


International Leadership Conference, February 2010
English (7MB)
Espanol (1MB)
Arabic (1MB)
Program in Las Vegas, December 2009

United States
December 2009
Photo Essay in PowerPoint (11MB)
Photo Essay in Word Document (1MB)
World Peace Blessing, October 2009

October 2009
PowerPoint Report (4MB)
UN International Day of Peace, 2009

September 2009
4-page Report (6MB)
Hi-res PowerPoint (35MB)
Web PowerPoint (8MB)
UN International Day of Families, 2009

May 2009
Hi-res PowerPoint report (25MB)
Web PowerPoint report (9MB)
UPF Global Peace Tour, 2009

February - June 2009
Hi-res PowerPoint Report (127MB)
Web PowerPoint (30MB)
UPF Highlights, 2008
Photo Essay in PowerPoint (44MB)
UN International Day of Peace, 2008

September 2008
Report booklet hi-res PDF (11MB)
Report booklet lo-res PDF (1MB)
Middle East Peace Initiative
Report booklet pdf
UPF PR Book, 2007
UPF Inaugural Tour, 2005
Report booklet PDF (5MB)

Our videos can be watched on YouTube.

Below you will find previews and downloadable files of the UPF videos.

Note on DVD Creation
: To create the DVD disk, you will need to download the ISO file.

After downloading the ISO file, use a program that can create a disk from ISO.

We recommend using ImgBurn (download). Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure on how to create a disk.

Founders' Tour, 2011
Preview Video

Video download

PowerPoint Report

UPF Introduction, 2011
Preview Video

English Video download

WMV (182MB)

French Video Download (French Audio version)

DVD ISO (713MB) (updated Aug 19, 2011)

French Audio WMV (73MB)
French Subtitled WMV (73MB)

English Audio, Subtitled in Spanish, French, Italian

Full: DVD ISO (1.43GB)


Subtitled in Arabic

Full: DVD ISO (330MB)


Subtitled in Turkish

Full: DVD ISO (333MB)


Subtitled in Hebrew

Full: DVD ISO (328MB)

Welcome to the Universal Peace Federation, October 2010
Preview Video
Creating a Family of Faith
Preview Video
International Leadership Conference in Korea, 2010
Preview Video
The Role of Women in Social Transformation
Preview Video
Global Citizen of Peace Video and Photo Essay
World Peace Blessing in Korea, October 2009
Preview Video
Champions in Life Video
Preview Video
United Nations, UPF - Partners for Peace
Preview Video
UN International Day of Families, 2009
Preview Video
Millennium Development Goals and the Role of Women, March 2009
Preview Video

We share our photos on Google's Picasa web album for quick sharing and organizing of our photos. Photos can be easily viewed and downloaded from their web interface. Below you will find selected photos from our past events. To see our fill list of albums, please go to our picasa web album.

Religious Youth Service Projects

View All at Picasa

Photo Hightlights from 2011

View All at Picasa

Photo Hightlights from 2010

View All at Picasa