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ILC2021 UPF-Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America-2021-08-17-ILC2021 Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean—On August 16 and 17, 2021, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF-Latin America and the Caribbean) held the International Leadership Conference with the theme: “The Influence of the Peaceful Reunification of Koreas in World Peace and Security, Diplomacy and Economic Development.

Through conferences for universal peace held around the world, UPF has worked in all spheres of society—political, religious, academic, media, business and artistic—to spread the culture of peace, seeking to discuss and propose best practices that help us move forward as a single human family through interdependence, mutual prosperity, and shared universal values. With the objective of disseminating peace proposals related to UPF ideas, the event took place online through the Zoom platform and broadcast on YouTube, with 1,078 participants from all over Latin America and the Caribbean (468 the first day and 610 the second day).

The sub-theme for the first day was “Economic Development and Peace.”

During the first day, the moderator of the event was Dr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli, general secretary of UPF in South America. He stated, “This topic is very timely because this month, we remember August 22, 1910, when Japan effectively annexed Korea with the Japan-Korea Treaty signed by Ye Wanyong, Prime Minister of Korea, and Terauchi Masatake, who became the first Japanese governor general of Korea. Korea celebrates Independence Day on August 15, known as “Gwang bok jeol,” which literally translates to “bring back the light” in Korean. August 15 is Korea’s Liberation Day from Japanese colonial rule.

The opening prayer was given by Bishop Edson Luis, founding Bishop of the Church of the Family - Francisco de Asís Missionary Institute and Ministry of Married Priests - in Brazil, who invoked the Holy Spirit to lead all panelists.

After a video presentation of the Peace Road project of UPF, Dr. Charles S. Yang, President of UPF for South America and the Caribbean, gave the welcoming remarks, highlighting the unity of the Koreas as the most important point for world peace, recalling the fast development of South Korea after the Second World War.

Explaining more about South Korea’s economic development, Rev. Dr. Dae Hee Hong, president of Sub-region 4 in Central America of FFWPU, presented how mutual development should be accomplished through community unity.

Recalling the desire of the Korean people to re-establish the peaceful union of the Koreas, Ambassador Óscar José Maurtua de Romaña, former Minister of International Relations of Peru presented the possibilities to achieve that goal.

Highlighting the theme of Peace and Development, Dr. José Antonio Alvarado, former Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of Nicaragua, presented the advances that South Korea has shown over the years.

After the presentation of a video about the InvestBrasil Institute, Dr. Priscila Menin, national president and chancellor in Brazil of the United Nations International Association of Educators for World Peace, highlighted the mechanisms to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and how to improve the economic development of the world.

Dr. Jorge Tuero, a political science expert in Buenos Aires, highlighted his point of view for achieving the goals for peace, gleaned by his observation of the economic development of each nation.

The emcee closed the first day of the event and invited the audience to attend the next day.

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On the second day, the moderator of the event was Mr. Victor Castillo Hernandez, secretary general of UPF Mexico. He started the event by introducing UPF and its work in Latin America.

The opening prayer was given by Pastor Samuel Regalo, pastor general, Hosanna Church of the Assemblies of God in Guatemala.

After the presentation of a video of the work of UPF, the first speaker was Rev. Dong Mo Shin, chairman of UPF in South America, who stated, “Currently, we face obstacles instead of peace. We believe that the time is right to put our fundamental values into practice in our respective areas of activity, placing God as Father and Mother of humanity.”

Next, Rev. Dr. Sung Jong Seo, president of Sub-region 2 of South America FFWPU, spoke on the vision and activities taking place in promoting the union of the Koreas. He recalled Rev. Dr. Moon’s meeting with Kim Il Sung 30 years ago, which established important treaties for a closer relationship between the Koreas. He explained many points about the reasons behind the division of Koreas and what Rev. Moon and his wife did and still are doing for the peaceful reunification of the Koreas.

In her talk on the role of the media, arts and culture in creating peace, Hon. Esmerita Sánchez da Silva, deputy of the Paraguay Congress, presented how important it is to have means of communication that protect faith, freedom and family values.

From the point of view of the social communicator, journalist Héctor Eduardo Cáceres Durán, a professional in sports and recreation who currently works as a sports journalist with a broad national audience, presented five fundamental components to achieve the peaceful union of Korea.

Defending the concept that there is no peace without freedom of expression, education and justice, Antonio Alexandre Garcia, a journalist and lawyer with a postgraduate degree from the University of Navarra in Spain, explained how we should start activities to promote peace.

Our next speaker was journalist Ana Nery, a member of the Brazilian and International Association of Electronic and Digital Media Press. She presented how mass media can influence the population due to their ability to manipulate the messages that are transmitted.

Comedian Errol Fabien, president and co-founder of Gayelle The Caribbean, a television channel, highlighted how we must be committed to the themes of peace through all activities.

The event concluded with remarks from the moderator and the announcement of the 7th Rally of Hope on September 12.

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