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ILC2021: Executive Summary from UPF-Korea

Korea-2021-09-15-ILC2021 Korea, September 14-15: Executive Summary

Seoul, South Korea—UPF-Korea held an International Leadership Conference 2021 (ILC2021) to discuss the role of six UPF associations in achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula, from September 14 to 15, 2021, at the Lotte Hotel World in Seoul. The theme of the event was “Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Prospects for Economic Development and Peace; Ideologies, Worldviews and International Relations.” Approximately 200 people attended the conference at the hotel while 5,500 people took part in it via the Internet.

The Opening Session, hosted by the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP), was moderated by Mr. Yoon Jong Hong, secretary general of UPF-Korea. Mr. Hyun Young Lee, president of UPF-Korea, greeted the participants and called on all stakeholders to actively take part in and implement the decisions made at the conference.

The welcome remarks were given by Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, chairman of UPF International, which were followed by remarks from Prof. Yeon Ah Moon, chair of UPF-Korea. Prof. Moon said she was pleased to be able to work together to devise a plan for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and hopes that proposals embodying the vision of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values would be considered.

In a video congratulatory message, Mr. Hee Hwang, Korean minister of culture, sports and tourism, said that the Korean government is thinking of a more comprehensive coexistence and development that goes beyond the North and South issue.

Congressman Jong Seong Lim, chairman of the International Association for Economic Development (IAED)-Korea, promised to make more efforts to advance the reunification of the two Koreas. Congressman Tae Yong Cho and Dr. Young Ho Yun, director general of UPF International, also addressed the participants.

The keynote address was presented by Hon. Han Jeong Kim, member of the National Assembly of Korea, and co-chair of the National Assembly Forum on Peace of the Korean Peninsula, a parliamentary study group consisting of more than 30 members that works on the frontline of parliamentary diplomacy.  Hon. Kim stressed that peacekeeping efforts are not just slogans but are directly related to national survival and prosperity. He also said that it is the role of politicians to reduce the risk of sporadic clashes and the arms race, adding that “we are facing new challenges in Northeast Asia, and we must work hard to achieve our common goal of peace on the Korean Peninsula.” Moreover, he emphasized the efforts UPF founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon have made in North Korea and the value of the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel.

After the Opening Session, six UPF associations related to politics, economics, media, academics, religion and women held discussion sessions. Each session was attended by some of Korea's most prominent leaders. The session co-hosted by the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was attended by Congressman Sang Hyun Yoon; the session co-hosted by the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP), by the former Director of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy Mr. Duk Min Yun; the session co-hosted by the International Association of First Ladies for Peace (IAFLP), by Congresswoman Gyeong Won Na; the session co-hosted by the International Association for Economic Development (IAED), by Prof. Kwanho Shin, an economics professor at Korea University; the session co-hosted by the International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAPD), by the Korean Clergy Leadership Conference Co-Chairman Rev. Stephen Kim; and the International Association of Academicians for Peace (IAAP), by the former president of Seoul National University of Education. Other experts also attended the conference, providing a diverse, and high-level discussion forum.

This ILC was noteworthy in that it was the first ILC that was jointly organized by UPF-Korea and six UPF associations, as part of Think Tank 2022. Several organizations, including the HJ Global Foundation, Segye Times, Korea Religious Association, Women’s Federation for World Peace, Hyo Jeong Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Citizens’ Federation for the Unification of Korea, partnered with UPF to convene the conference. UPF-Korea will connect the results of this ILC to future efforts for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

On September 12, two days before the conference began, UPF launched an international photo contest in commemoration of the 9th anniversary of the passing of Rev. Moon and the 30th anniversary of Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s visit to North Korea. Ambassadors for Peace, associates, friends and representatives of UPF are invited to participate by submitting photos that tell a special story or capture a significant moment the contestant had during (1) the worldwide work of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, (2) local or international UPF activities, and/or (3) UPF activities for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, by the contest deadline of October 22. The photos will be collected and displayed in an online exhibition that future generations can connect with. 

The following is the program with the themes and panelists.

Session Two (IAPP): Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Political Challenges and Prospects – organized by the IAPP and Unification Korea Federation

Welcome Remarks:
Dr. Kwang Seok Song
, president, International Tunnel Foundation and Citizen’s Federation

Mr. Ki Hong Son, head, Unification Institute, Korea

Session Three (IMAP): Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: The Role of the Media – organized by IMAP and Segye Times

Welcome Remarks:
Mr. Hee Tack Jung, CEO, Segye Ilbo; IMAP


Ms. Jung Mi Hwang, chief editor, Segye Ilbo

Mr. Hyun Wook Kim, professor, National Foreign Institute

Mr. Deuk Mi Yoon, former head, National Foreign Institute
Mr. Jung Yeop Woo, member, Sejong Institute

Session Four (IAFLP): Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: The Role of Women – organized by the IAFLP and Women’s Federation for World Peace

Welcome Remarks:

Dr. Hoon Suk Moon, president, WFWP International


Hon. Kyung Won Na, former congresswoman, People Power Party

Mr. Eul Soon Park, vice president, UN Korea Office

Ambassador Sung Wan Song, former ambassador of Korea to Sweden

Prof. Hyun Sun Park, Ewha Womans University               

Session Five (IAED): Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Measures for Economic Cooperation – organized by the IAED and Tongil Group

Welcome Remarks:

Mr. Dal Soon Shin, vice chairman, HJ Magnolia, Korea


Prof. Kwan Ho Shin, professor of economics, Korea University

Mr. Jin Hyang Kim, chairman, Kaesung Industrial Foundation

Mr. Chun Kyu Chin, CEO, Tongil TV

Session Six (IAPD): Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: Religious roles and responsibilities – organized by the IAPD and Korea Religious Association

Welcome Remarks:

Dr. Hang Je Kim, president, Korea Religious Association

Congratulatory Remarks:
Ven. Hong Pa
, head, Korea Buddhist Kwanwoom

Bishop Jessu Manuel Teya, president, IAPD-Peru

Dr. Yoshio Kawakami, president, IAPD-Japan

Dr. Luonne Abraham Rouse, president, ACLC USA


Prof. Hyung Jin Lim, president, Chondo Graduate Religious Academy

Rev. Stephen Kim, president, KCLC Korea

Ven. Hyo Lung, head, Korea Buddhist Tago

Session Seven (IAAP): Toward Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula: the dynamics relations in Northeast Asia – organized by the IAAP and Professors World Peace Academy

Congratulatory Remarks: 
Dr. Sung Bae Jin
, chairman, Hyo Jeong Academy of Arts and Sciences

Welcome Remarks:
Dr. Ho Sang Kim
, president, IAAP; former president, Teacher's College


Dr. Gyun Sik Kim, professor, Kyungnam University

Mr. Il Ki Kim, member of the National Security Strategy Institute

Prof. Seok Hoon Hong, Changwon University

Closing Ceremony

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